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  1. benboy

    100 goals ,zero 00 penalty...fantastique..

  2. devesh rakheja

    matip only 58 pace . These EA people should watch some football

  3. Menis Antixs

    he needs to go back on the right!!!

  4. Mohammed Shameem Salah

    Wow my brother Mane is soo quick Alhamdulillah He runs like a tiger.

  5. 노준성

    Henderson is just like Steven Gerrard

  6. fardowsa farah


  7. drizzy8

    Salah 91 with 94 pace

  8. Arie MR

    Mamppus Luh munyuk wkwk

  9. prince el pendejo

    Volcano hierro, volcano Lanzarote and canari islands

  10. Movie Madness

    what is with this voice, who do liverpool think they are hahahaha

  11. Taufiqty

    If Sadio gets the same shape then the Reds will take the league

  12. prince el pendejo

    Van Dijk and Salah

  13. Ilias B

    00:32 funny the reactions of humains taking their head twice at same time

  14. David Bourton

    Virgil going around hugging the others like a dad. And with the size of him it kinda works 😂

  15. Malik El-Skafi

    We’re so lucky to have the Two Best Managers in the World at our club!!❤️🔴

  16. Kaushik Aditya Das

    Pep was just such a joy to hear! The info and knowledge that he gave about the team was just immaculate and that also not in his first language! TOP guy to have in the team!

  17. la diversité


  18. 慕延希

    Great goals, especially Keita's goal.

  19. Liubomyr Fatsiievych

    Love this man, what a great press conference!

  20. Random Lemon

    Why did Salah take his shirt off?

  21. Reform3d

    Great match all around. Palace were tough, but the Reds were just better.

  22. The Official Lord Gamer

    Gomez 100% desrved the decrease his season was a disaster

  23. Kelly Mungomo

    Salah is the best

  24. PGB FC

    Tsimikas Robertson or Beck this time?🤔

  25. Alex Golub


  26. 69quato

    I really like Pep. I know a lot of supporters would like to see Stevie G to take the reigns one day , but I'd like Pep even more as Boss when the day (that shall not be soon) comes.

    1. Scentsamurai

      Same here. Pep is more prepared than Gerrard right now. He has worked closely with Klopp for years and is well-versed in the system that has brought us success in the past few years. But then, the fans don't want to hear this. Gerrard's time will come, but Pep before him, for now.

  27. Sleepin Dragon

    Naby Keita where have you been with those quality goals? Who needs strikers when you've got midfielders queuing up to score screamers from outside the box like Naby and Jordan. Amazing goals.

  28. Miko eru

    if klopp finally leave I would like PL to continue

  29. Muhammad Hafidz Arrizky

    Naby Kieta 😎

  30. Alan C...

    Our next manager when klopp what's to go . !

  31. Gavin Roberts

    Pep Ljinders is best Pep

  32. Brian

    Joel's pace should be in the 70's

  33. Paul Anthony - MusicHaven

    Ban injuries pls ffs!!! With our squad this thin thanks to you fools not signing anyone, no one is to go down, absolutely no one at all, in this campaign.

    1. President Of Peace

      @Paul Anthony shut up kid

    2. Fleetwood

      Do you understand how injuries work?!

  34. VTV

    3 set pieces 3 goals..

  35. Ravid Davici

    please for once, take this cup seriously 😂

  36. L&R M. M

    People says Ronaldo playing hardest league in the world,epl player playing stone ball rest of the other league's playing cricket ball than how can real Madrid won many championship league than epl 😁😁😁😁😁

  37. Steven Sang


  38. Abdallah Kabeer

    Congratulations to sadio mane for his 100 goals

  39. kopxpert

    I hope we go far in this cup and FA cup just because the squad players who haven't been appearing much can get valuable minutes.

  40. Barry

    LFC is blessed with such people.

  41. Keen Observer

    In house replacement for Klopp whenever he chooses to leave.

  42. Jameel Yasin

    Milner has always been better playing as a winger or full back.

  43. --

    Stick to basketball ball please thank you

  44. Manuel Asare

    happiest disappointed man i have ever seen...hahahahaha

  45. Adam Murphy

    Salah at his peak this season!!

  46. Billy Koumetio

    Nice guy and a great No:2 but talks too much. 😫

  47. Mickeal Palmer

    Chamberlain should be 81-83

  48. James Parkes

    Whoever dislikes this video your not a Liverpool fan

  49. D OB

    Future manager right there. He will need a good assistant, maybe milner? Need the boot room back as I don't think any liverpool fan wants our club to change

    1. Rakesh Singh

      100%. He’s the guy they are looking at to replace JK, when he leaves.

  50. bergstrom oliver


  51. atlmadx

    alex is still 79...???

  52. TMaier16

    Can someone who watches Liverpool regularly tell me if Gomez actually deserves this card? Has he even had one good season? I always thought we was extremely overrated

  53. herr kiwi

    Fantastic player.

  54. Inal Kucai O303 V8 Pekanbaru

    Elliot briliant

  55. kopxpert

    Harvey's probably like a little brother to the coaching staff & senior players. They must have felt horrible when it happened

  56. علي بشار

    True Flow SwiftKey Status Flow 1 Twitter

  57. Ran Dom

    All goal from corner kick

  58. Louis Clarke

    I think he would be a good manager if he try to be one

  59. Edi Heryadi

    Next Oxs - Origi - Minamino

  60. Mark Shrapnel

    The most likeable Pep in England

  61. Pete P

    Klopp doesn’t give a flying **** about this competition 😂

    1. Mohammad Hasan

      That's so true😅😅😂😂😂😂

  62. Antony Hickin

    Great depth of interview. I think Nabi is going to shine this season.

  63. muhammed rahman

    Legend! 100 Goals, 100 Memories, Thank You Sadio, YNWA

  64. Sleepin Dragon

    We use to own this cup when it was called the milk cup! 🥛

  65. AR_-_zOmA

    Seif is quietude and you are a great writer and a

  66. SurferWilly

    I love how much a football geek he is 😜

  67. kdcyp

    Pep is so informative and clear, in not even his first language! Such an inspiring integral part of the management team.

  68. Matthew Clifford

    Ox should be 81

  69. Sherton Micecho


  70. Chenz Ivan

    The best pep in the world

  71. Parker

    Это можно смотреть вечно

  72. Dũng Nguyễn

    2 bác bình luận nhiệt quá hehe

  73. FUTFinder

    Klopp reacts to his squad's FIFA rating. You'll probably have to censor a lot of it, but it's fine!

  74. Onid Gaming

    I miss lallana turn :')

  75. Chính Đức

    Livepool vĩ đại

  76. Hole in Dans Sock

    Liverpool is disgustingly good


    The best pep in premier league! You know what i mean.😁