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  1. Phil Jameson

    Where are they now? Oh wait🤣🤣

  2. jj taylor

    what a beast he has been

  3. Precious Arugu

    Turn around

  4. Luigi Pellegrini

    Mason Mount future Chelsea legend.

  5. hassancika13

    Liverpool need NewBalance! . . . . . it was a nice kit 😀

  6. Stef74

    Socialism is nice for these wealthy footballers, go on carry on taking the knee for the anti fascist who have become today's fascists! LFC4LIFE but one must draw the line at some point!

  7. Football_lover Kolli

    Don’t give up, I support Liverpool for a reason ❤️Liverpool FC❤️

  8. Inget Dosa

    hey fifa what the heck allison becker 95 pace 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 to be honest bernd leno 95 pace

  9. Thomas Vierke

    kloppos words : We have no take it....

  10. Emmanuel Ekpa

    Alison going to be 86 next FIFA.

  11. Football_lover Kolli

    I hope you never leave Liverpool FC for another team

  12. Visam Anik


  13. Thommelom

    Back in the day when we could score 😞 missing this team, and these players

  14. lantak mu

    No. 7 epl☹️

  15. 3xotixST

    I really don't care about the injuries. Even though we lost our key players, we have to adapt. We can't just play like this.

  16. karthik mandyala

    Lewa is absolute joke compared to suarez

  17. Tarek Asaker

    مع الاسف انت كنت عندي احسن مدرب في العالم قبل الانهيارالاخيرياريت الوادابوودان اللي اسمه أصعب اسم في الفريق جوينز تقريبا يخلي باله من صلاح انت يابني تاريخك ايه علشان انت كمان مش بتباصي ليه

  18. iiiliyas alii buu


  19. deepti goel

    So good to know being a utd fan that this was the last game liverpool won at anfield 😂😂

  20. off sent

    your always walk alone.

  21. Philip Harris

    Steve Cook got what he deserved, a good thrashing for his attempt at tripping Salah up.

  22. Joshua Detering

    We play like the ai on fifa 21, just passing around.

  23. Mark Brown

    Please liverpool, start playing a 4-2-3-1 formation. Teams have worked us out and we have to be different. We'll see the best of tiago and firmino!!!

  24. Salim Semsedini

    Davies and Phillips in CB against Fulham, FAB cdm, Thiago CM with Keita cam.

  25. Warren Schembri

    YNWA lets goo we will win this

  26. Atif Hussain

    Need a performance 2moro

  27. Apdiwali ahmed

    my blood❤

  28. Vision Ten

    There are no words to describe this. It's probably the most beautiful video I've ever watched. Pure respect, pure love. I'm so thankful to see humans like klopp. Nothing but love.

  29. xinN n

    van djik + gomes + jordan + matip + shaqiri + arnold + salah + firmino + mane + roberston ////// best 10 players at liverpool

  30. Amirul Amin

    Poor no defensive midfielder

  31. Link Kut3

    6:23 LoL Oxlade - Chamberlain - berlah 😂

  32. xinN n

    klopp vs chelsea must change mane not salah

  33. Thata Sefhako

    This really aged like Wine

  34. marul


  35. cowboy lalala


  36. Ah Dh

    Let me guess, we’re gonna play a bunch of midfielders in defence again, Wijnaldum and Jones and Thiago again, and the same front 3 again... and when it comes time to take one off, Klopp will play favourites and leave on his son Firmino who is trash, and take off the league top scorer... we won’t have a shot on target till the 75th minute, and if we score it will be from a slice of luck or mistake... soooooo predictable, it’s boring

  37. بالقرآن نحيا

    مين عربي لااااايك

  38. Alan Costa

    The end of an era, Klopp is off

  39. Viki Alan


  40. Andile Ngidi

    Jurgen play to the players strengths. You can’t be saying the only way to defend against fast strikers is to stop the pass or set an off side trap! Our defenders have no pace, allow them to drop 10/15 metres deep. Stop being stubborn.

  41. arshaq pth


  42. Gurkha X

    Our defence always cost mignolet he was our best goalkeeper

  43. 이민식

    Liverpool fans are sucking

  44. 이민식

    Most suitable place for liverpool is middle or efl championship

  45. 이민식

    Salah Mane must leave liverpool liverpool is so small for them

  46. 이민식

    Klopp must leave liverpool liverpool is so small for him

  47. 이민식

    Chelsea is better than liverpool

  48. 이민식

    Lampard is much more better than Gerrard

  49. 이민식

    Liverpool is the poorest place in england its people are also sucking

  50. 이민식

    Manchester united is better than liverpool

  51. Aditya Raut

    You should be proud of your team You have defeated "the greatest team in history of football"

  52. 이민식

    Liverpool is the smallest club in the world

    1. Deadeye1967

      And you're a virgin.

  53. mohd faizan sayeed

    Mane didn't want to score against his Senegalese teammate Mendy. Period

  54. هلالي صميم

    Where is Alison?

  55. Matthew Haydock

    Having just read the rule for handball in the lead up to a goal. Salahs goal should have stood.

  56. Khan Hamza

    4:10 its maybe not a pen but a red card😂😂

  57. Oğuzhan Eren


  58. Chayapol Wongpitirungruang

    I don't like liverpool i like man u

  59. nizar mokdad

    fabinho hav to be midfielder and thiago hav to be offensif

  60. nizar mokdad

    jurgen you have to use different strategy with your players you have solutions

  61. Stuff in the House

    Better luck next time. YNWA 😷

  62. Yunus Emre Bora

    Every Club are defending against liverpool like running away from a tsunami .. and making a long ball or pressing extremly in their area etc .. thats ephemeral.. Liverpool will coming back. Cause the Clubs who wins against liverpool are dont playing with their Brains instead with pointless tactics .. And they harmful to yourself and also for liverpool. But at the End, Liverpool are coming back and whats happen with that clubs ? They end the season 6th or 10th or maybe 2th but that was it again long term. Disgusting.

  63. ꧁༒ Sake Yt. GR༒꧁


  64. Utkarsh Raghunath

    "Welcome to Anfield"

  65. Humai Vlog

    13:13 diatas Fabinho ada bendera Indo cuk

  66. Sushant Chipte

    Comeback stronger

  67. Sushant Chipte

    Cmon you boys ❤️❤️❤️

  68. Ronald Rohan

    only if we played like this now

  69. Sapran 89

    Lallana have big big love to the team

  70. Sapran 89

    Miss the hole team, they didnt there when liverpool won thropies

  71. Gud boi

    I love that Liverpool just provides with both good football and good content

  72. Haydar AL Shmary

    Mohamed Salah 😍