Jürgen Klopp's pre-match press conference | Man City

Liverpool FC

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    Watch live as the boss speaks to the media ahead of Liverpool's Premier League clash against Pep Guardiola's Manchester City at Anfield.
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    1. JustOneForAll

      Told you on Sunday before the match play Hendo in defence and we will get thrashed. Hendo is our everything in the middle. Next game play Ali, TAA, Robertson, midfield Hendo, Gini, Fab, upfront our normal three Mane, Bobby and Salah. Back to basic Mr Klopp. All you have to do is pick 2 central defenders. Easy I can do this job better than you at the moment. Carry on playing Hendo in defence and you will be out of a job by Easter.

    2. Joshua Agomadje

      We beat Liverpool 4-1.

    3. nurfitria budi

      Where is new player klop?😑

    4. Siboniso Gigaba

      Who's here after Liverpool were sadly thumpt 1-4


      Juergen Klopp's ignorance and incompetence as a coach still continues in the Livepool FC vs Manchester City match ... 👎

    6. Anip Ariffin

      Better u keep kabak n davies in your locker for 2 season...still did not change your game play then u will lose for every games ahead

    7. อนุรักษ์ ทองสิทธิ์


    8. DJ SMAZZ Mahlangu

      Liverpool sucks come on City We winning league Liverpool wait 30 years boys hahahahaha fck Tt

    9. Hesh X

      Klopp is a friendly FRAUD


      Waiting to my channel

    11. Nathan Walker

      my guy has a mug that says "The Normal One" 😂😂😂

    12. George Saunders

      Instantly regretted saying Jackie when the tumble weed swept past.

    13. morita nanas

      The tall beetle inherently appreciate because nation radiographically escape abaft a handsome peen. aberrant, better flavor



    15. M.K.H 31

      The return of Mane, Fabinho, Alisson is going to lift us even more. Liverpool 3-1 Man City

      1. Karim Mohamed


      2. Abdullah Naveed


    16. xasan bariiri

      Iam liverpool moha saalah

    17. sisi ravlesia


    18. Ahmad Insomnia


    19. DioMeD22

      Subtitles are broken here btw

    20. Knocc Out

      Those who are saying , "let kabak and Davies play". Guys , these two players are still fresh. They have no experience in the premier league playing with liverpool at all. Not even one match. It's too risky to put them on , their first debut epl match against the most strongest epl team. It's not going to end good because one thing people forget is the pressure these two players are going to be getting. They need to start atleast 3 to 4 matches before playing against teams like city. Yes they are good players but they need to adapt to the epl and liverpool's style of play. Look at Taki, he was a beast at Salzburg but it took him some time to adapt to liverpool's style and still havent got to his full potential yet. Time and experience is the key. Hope we go well against city , win or lose , YNWA! Let's go boys

    21. Ndot

      Liverpool are dead

    22. Omar Almohbany

      Today vs Man City! Go Liverpool!!🤍❤️

    23. SON and VG Fifa Careers Modes 100%

      Lets get our win at anfield since 2003

    24. SON and VG Fifa Careers Modes 100%

      Let's go City

    25. Abednego Hamonangan Simatupang

      draw or lose tonight?

    26. Ledha Hyper

      Liverpool.tolol karo ngising

    27. Lark Davis


    28. just a random guy you found on internet

      If alisson doesnt play we are basically dead

    29. Husam Salhi

      Man city is salah's specialty 😉

    30. John Cambridge

      Even if we win vs man city I still think city gonna win the tittle. Not being negative here because I know there are still many matches to play and they will drop points. But based on our and their consistency, we’re most likely to drop more points then them. Top 4 is our main priority now. Despite all that I am still excited for the ucl as long as our key players don’t get injured. Ynwa!!

    31. Mikeu90

      Get Henderson back in the midfield please

    32. Sange Mlotywa

      Liverpool ❤️

    33. Magendren Saksena

      If you want win vs mc this is my formation for you j.kloop Mane jota salah Hendro fabinho tiago Rober kabak devies trent Alison

    34. John abd el malak

      Jürgen let them remember the bad memory's 5-1

    35. Zecharias Weldeyesus

      liverpool are gonna win mane back fabhinio back and alason is back i wish man city good luck and ozan kabak is a beast and ben davies we winning this game say to me wrong now but when they win say ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh he was right

    36. Abdulrahman Alalawi

      I thank you Liverpool coach Juergen Klopp for what you have offered for the club, a beautiful thing.

    37. WAakka! BAakka!

      Stop being predictable!😑

    38. Sasheen Sadapal

      Title will be won by one of the two English media favourites... Manchester united or Petro City

    39. Sasheen Sadapal

      Absolute lies,Jurgen again downplaying expectations. Extremely frustrating being a Liverpool fan and defending champions saying that you not thinking of the title. If remember correctly at the beginning of this season there was talk of attacking the title not defending it. Again Liverpool top at Christmas and not converting!!! Really disgraceful.

    40. Melon Lan

      You can do it Liverpool

    41. Stephen Gill

      All Games are must Win.. Unfortunately Liverpool players and klopp are so Arrogant... They cannot break down teams that get everyone behind the ball.. Always try to walk it in.. Its never worked in all the time klopp has been at Liverpool needs to change.. At this rate Liverpool wont win anything and wont make top 4 this season.. Liverpool have stood still while others have caught up and overtaken them... Klopp thinks this team is unstoppable but reality is they are MEDIOCRE at best..



    43. M B

      Win or lose, I love this man.

    44. Hallo Leute

      Liverpool gewinnt

    45. Richard Badger

      Love that he's drinking from a mug with "The Normal One" on it. Haha.

    46. daus usop

      Win or loose , still, we are the one who conquered all euroooopee!!!!!!

    47. Nnikman Mahadi

      Its not good to lose today

    48. Lalduh Kima

      Win or lose you guys will still become a laughing stock 😂

    49. lan s

      Jurgen the guy parachuted from Mars captured the EPL trophy with pressing philosopy while the previous 4/5 managers played with boring style.

    50. John Makita

      It makes no difference whether there is Wini on the pitch or a parasol, that doesn't change anything about the game ...

    51. Menji Boys

      Oh god this will be a tough macth

    52. Jawad Fakih


    53. GoldenboyGamer

      by a united fan i actually hope liverpool wins this bc then we can catch up with city

    54. Danial imran Roslan bin mahmood

      I believe you Liverpool FC. 😢😢😢😢😢😉

    55. Danial imran Roslan bin mahmood

      Liverpool don't lose OK, Liverpool can win fight to Manchester City.

    56. Hasaan Derwaish

      Crying is the best he does 💙💙💙💙

    57. Ronnie YNWA

      Wether we win, lose or draw I just want to see us fight for it

    58. dre santorini

      Liverpools exciting, creative , intense, beautiful to watch football has no place in this league as the intensity the Premier league have pushed on the clubs doesn't favour real football, if they knew this was going to be the case they would of gone and bought 11 physical player, tall, strong, and parked the bus every week in order to get results, there still the best footballing team in the prem by far , next year will prove it.

    59. Messi Jr

      Love you Klop

    60. Joel Viju

      I am a Liverpool fan and I think losing 4-0 to city is something we should consider lucky for ourselves.

    61. Roconostello

      We can't even win at Anfiled. We're done and dusted. Let's just make sure we finish top 4 (hopefully).



    63. FarizzulFarouk

      Man City has been consistent this season, Liverpool with defense problem probably have higher chances to lose.

    64. StickerMan


    65. Paradox EG

      It will be either be a draw or a win for City.

      1. Ndot


    66. Ahmed Elmeligy

      Come on Liverpool we can win this

    67. P.E.M. Run Balance Wheel - RBW

      🧐: Jürgen 'the normal one' Klopp! 👍🏾

    68. Majedy Behardien

      We will be back on Sunday, don't think Shitty can come to An field and just beat us, they will not have things easy, I fancy us to beat them 3 - 2. We struggle against park the bus teams and most teams have realized that that is the way to either beat us or get a draw. The bad run we had against these teams recently only had scores of 1 - 0 because we have not been able to overcome this. Klopp needs to think on how to beat this negative system, teams are entitled to play the way choose and Klopp must developed a plan B,C or D to get results, you cannot expect teams to play open football and into our strength, hence we are struggling. We will be back on Sunday LFC to win....Come on we are believers and we support LFC win or lose....YNWA

    69. Phoenix


    70. Karls Klangers

      he has gone from the most funniest ,nicest posative human to the sulkiest ,negative cry baby in football within a season sad to see ,,,klopp is better than this ,,

    71. Ронахи Дневной свет

      Uncle Klopp spoke of Ozan Kabak, as if he was talking about Fabio Cannavaro. I didn't appreciate this transfer. but we love Liverpool and want its success. and I want to see Ozan in this match. I think it will be a real test to understand the level.

    72. Muhammad Afreno saputra

      Bangkit liverpool 🔥

      1. Muhd

        Mantap 💪🏻

    73. Ронахи Дневной свет

      There have been too many injuries this season. It's a really difficult situation. Now is the time to not stop war! The Existence of Alisson Becker, Sadio Mane and Fabinho is very, very important... I hope they will be ready. YNWA!

    74. February Tueday


    75. Prince Khadka

      Liverpool will get smashed by city by 6-0. Mark my words

      1. shingirai mukarati

        U can say that again

    76. Amir and Guitars

      this guys gets paid grands just to find a new excuses every hour. cant wait for him to get sacked honestly

    77. Sinau boso inggris

      Start kabak ,get fab back in his position "dmf "again ,,,

    78. SealTeamZero

      Liverpool are a half strength sqaud where as City are on fire. I'll take a draw all day.

    79. Mr No Name

      Was a big fan of Klopp... But it's really a shame on him for giving excuses of the bad form of his team. Him giving excuse of man city having more covid holiday is such a shame..

    80. Hepdy

      I hope all of these interviews don't put Jurgen into a burden and pressure. Because Jurgen has to relax, so he can set the strategy well. And most importantly to reduce excessive expectations.

    81. zaini5465

      This game is not important. There is no point expecting us to win against City but we lose to bottom clubs. id rather we lose against city and be 3 points behind. It just makes more sense this way.

      1. Jonathan Fa

        Just beat our noisy Neighbourhood now would ya? 🤣🤣🤣

    82. Bonnix Maulana

      Go the liverpool, defeat MC....

    83. NYGiants

      Manchester city must lose. It is owned by blood money

    84. Mpendulo Mabila

      The boys needs to work hard on crossing the ball into the box when attacking coz this year they really sucks, 95% of their crosses this year were totally poor. They should also work on short corners coz crossing the ball doesn’t work.

    85. YNWA jp


    86. Bharat V

      klopp is a clown and liverpool has sadly become his circus. A man who blames the world for his failures. Not a normal one more like a Pathetic one.

      1. Bri ollo

        Well Bhorat.has there ever been champions with a injury list as big as liverpool's with there 1st teamers

    87. Danny Brew

      If other teams had the injuries we had...then LP would be 10 pts clear at least!

      1. Danny Brew

        @Manchester Blue Ok fair enough

    88. gad abdat

      Wonder why are there so many Celtic fans here? Weird.

    89. Jeffery Beti

      I pray that everyone in the club recovers from their “mental fatigue” as fast as possible after any game. COYR 💪 YNWA

    90. splinter360

      Truth is even if we win, our title defence is done. City will still be 4 points clear with a game in hand and I don't trust anybody else to take enough points off them. All the while we'll have to NOT drop points too. Let's just do the best we can for the remainder of the season and see what we can do in Europe.

    91. Décio Faria


    92. Mateen Mallah

      Yes sir

    93. Norou Ndiaye

      Nice na

    94. Ed Dunne

      Jurgen is like a demon

    95. Rahul Sarraf

      Sourest loser! Always crying

    96. Keenan Johnson

      liverpool till i die

      1. Ndot

        U are already dead


      ZZZZZ excuse etc & BLAH BLAH BLAH Marches on. Via Same boring Q & A too. Or lol.

    98. annoyin_cnt

      We need to play hell of a lot better against city than how we played against Brighton (that game was shocking)!. Poor all round from all the players.


      Boring STALEMATE, draw etc or boring corrupt football Marches on.. or ZZZZZ!


      Bring back Benitez's etc or fresh new manager thanks &, ARABIAN OLIGARCHS TOO. Problematic solved.