Liverpool's January Goal of the Month result | Trent, Wijnaldum, Salah

Liverpool FC

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    Watch as we count down the best five goals from the past month, as voted at, including strikes by Gini Wijnaldum, Mo Salah and Trent Alexander-Arnold
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    1. Lamin Sillah

      Trent Alexander Arnold is so underrated! The guy is an engine...

    2. Abo Kareem

      no 1

    3. tik tok show

      mo Salah the King

    4. Rashaad Price

      Well done shaq

    5. الشريف سدير

      محمد صلاح لاعب رائع

    6. Fatoom Gierdien

      Well done!!! All Beautiful Combination of goals. Bravo to Mo Salah.

    7. Sher John

      Salah is a different level.

    8. Ibrahem Farouk


    9. nasser alshahrani

      Sallah is the team in these moment

    10. Boda'a e`ID

      Mo salah✨💗 what else 🤷🏻‍♂️

    11. Layton Stewart the goat

      Trents goal was a bit jammy

    12. Belayet Hossain

      Salah is exeptional,Salah is fabulastic,Salah is destroyer,SALAH IS UNIQUE.

    13. Belayet Hossain

      Some people say Mo salah is a one season wonder.But i think salah's whole life is full of wonders.

    14. Nas Ahmed

      Well They do need to win against Leipzig

    15. Nas Ahmed

      is Klopp doing a pre match conference today?

    16. د.خالد احمد الزعيري

      Just pass the ball to Salah and then don’t worry

    17. fatima Hwa

      Firmino's assists are great, he's an important player for the team ,Bobby Dynamite💣 😊

    18. Marwan

      Salah is the reason Liverpool is still in the top 4

      1. Omar Mohammed

        If salah moved from liver pool, liver pool will not win a single cup

    19. Sharvaan Sharex

      Salah's counter goal against West Ham

    20. Moose Sqwad

      Messi Cr7 Neymar Salah 🐐 👑 🧙🏽 🇪🇬 🤴

    21. Dulce Elaine Jesuíno


    22. Décio Faria


    23. JoKer SphinX

      💪King Salah👑👑👑

    24. Igor Korolev

      jürgen wo ist dein Spiel? hast du etwas verloren?

    25. Ali Ahmed


    26. JanuMeza

      And some people say sell salah (or any of the front 3) to those I say you are not a true supporter of our club our 3 attackers have been hand crafted and built up for the past 3-5 years and mark my words if god forbid we sold any of them we will never see players quite like these again. It’s been tough but we support our club and players through wins, draws and more importantly losses, as that is where true growth is made! ❤️👏🏼

      1. JanuMeza

        @Omar Mohammed I know bro! They are incredibly stupid

      2. Omar Mohammed

        Who say self salah is haters and also they don't understand football

    27. Zainab Rangoonwala

      Its so boring watching SALAH winning no.1 every single month keep it up man.. if only thr whole team played like him😌

    28. YOL Tours

      picked 5 out of 12 goals... not really a hard duty...

    29. bishaar abdi

      M. Salah fans look subscribe

    30. Hrishaan Shah

      YNWA Firminho

    31. Amit Sidhu

      Didn’t you lot do any signing day blogs for the new boys??

    32. awesome1ru

      the 2nd West Ham goal for me

    33. wonderful human being with a great character

      We scored in January? My mind is 🤯

    34. Hazem Hussein

      Mo Salah is so underrated even in the bad times he scores and all people are saying he is a diver or a one season wonder and says mane is better mane doesn’t score in the bad times and Salah is the top goalscorer in the league

      1. Omar Mohammed


    35. Omar Adel

      King Salah 👑❤

    36. PAPA NOEL

      Surprised we actually scored a goal at all. Ynwa.

    37. Moses Tsarai

      That should be easy, we only scored one goal in January! I actually miss seeing Liverpool score! Eyi! ku-rough!!😂😂😂

    38. Salman !


    39. Muhammed Nuaim


    40. عالم الرياضة

      Liverpool top team unbelievable

    41. Kyle Kowuoche


    42. Luck Nandhivajrin

      Not many to choose from I guess...

    43. deluksan laku

      3 of them was from west ham

    44. Hüsen Barışlı

      We will come back, eh?

    45. Муса Алиев


    46. محبوب

      Mo salah king world

    47. Bluetoony بلوتوني

      I mean, if not for Salah Lfc would've been mid table. And yet some plastic maniacs want him out. Idk what he does to get so much hate.

      1. Vortex Entertainment

        @Bluetoony بلوتوني if he was English he’s the best player in the premier league.

      2. Bluetoony بلوتوني

        @Vortex Entertainment He's not English*

      3. Vortex Entertainment

        He’s arab

    48. Script._


    49. TS Tech Talk

      Even thu we performed so poorly Mo still got these awesome goals

    50. Layth Barzangi

      Shaq's first touch swing into the box to Mo has to be one of the assists of the season.

      1. Rashaad Price

        Shaq is so underrated...he comes up with amazing assists and goals...he just doesn't get the respect he deserves

    51. Hussein Khalife

      all these fools saying we didnt score that much so its easy to choose bruh just appreciate these amazing goals this mf Mo Salah been doing this type of stuff and doesnt get appreciated enough

      1. Peskid

        Ikr just cause we having a bad season they been saying we can't score we can't score like it's so anoying

    52. Yaseen Malik

      Only Salah

    53. 46. Tanmay Murur

      Salah is carrying us

    54. dy yy

      mo mo mo

    55. Football memes

      Man United are garbage 😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂.

    56. Football memes

      Man United are garbage 😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂.

    57. afcjoe

      we only scored like 5 goals

      1. Vortex Entertainment

        @afcjoe and Liverpool were better when he came as well

      2. afcjoe

        @Vortex Entertainment yeah but lets be honest he's better othan he was before

      3. Vortex Entertainment

        @afcjoe he averaged 15 assists a season in roma idk what ur on about couldn’t pass a ball

      4. afcjoe

        @Vortex Entertainment we'd still be ok, we can replace salah for whta he's worth, we made him remember? he couldn't pass the ball before his move to liverpool. just respect that

      5. afcjoe

        @Vortex Entertainment or someone

    58. Benjamin Terrell

      I can't believe we even have goals this month

    59. AMN PLAYS

      Surprised that Liverpool have nominees for this.

      1. ぴゆじ&しぐれ ch

        The only nominees :)

    60. Kalszlow Gaming

      West Ham watching this video:👁👄👁

    61. Josiah Abiya

      After a month we scored like 5goals in 6 games i wonder if options are there

    62. ブラウィアリ

      I didnt know mo salah is carying the team that much

      1. Vortex Entertainment

        Yeah because they don’t advertise it they have an agenda against salah

      2. Hussein Khalife

        ya he really is

    63. A11 Филми

      The best goal was from trent against spurs

      1. A11 Филми

        @Hussein Khalife of course salah's goals are fantastic he always makes scoring goals look easy.

      2. Hussein Khalife

        thats such cap bro omg all of mo salah's goals were better

    64. Eissa Elshaer

      Salah top 3 🔥🔥🔥

    65. Football Lover

      Mo counter attack wins goal of the month

    66. FX LEGEND

      Let's go

    67. Daraul Harris

      Proof that we have what it takes.

    68. Toptoon

      You must show lost of the month

    69. Abdullah Zia

      Three goals of mo in top five Egyptian king

      1. Mahmoud Adel

        The top three are his.

    70. unknown

      Mo top 3

    71. Sara

      Love Trent’s passes and his goal against Tottenham

      1. Makka pakka

        @Sara bye then

      2. Sara

        @Makka pakka oh my pay attention in maths

      3. Makka pakka

        Hello again

    72. Razrimz official uk Razrimz

      Something wrong on this session but I always love liverpool my bottam of heart and I'm from liverpool as well

    73. Azhar Rafiq


    74. MLtekkerz


    75. RANDOMS TV

      Not hard to find a good goal when we can hardly score anymore

      1. Fouad B

        Whats your favourite goal? There are not simple or easy goals

    76. Hamodi Yt


    77. swiftandbold


    78. MrSamuelSpence

      Come on MO

    79. Tom Howell

      We actually scored this month?

    80. Sara

      These goals are absolutely spectacular

      1. Sara

        @TrentSZN uhh under 18?

      2. Sara

        @TrentSZN what about you

      3. Sara

        @TrentSZN twelveee

      4. Sara

        @TrentSZN ikr ur curing some of my online school depression😙it’s killing meee

      5. Sara

        @TrentSZN 😅😅

    81. Azam Khan

      We had like 1 goal in this month 😔💔

      1. ScaryNinja 7

        We had 6 Goals 😞

    82. Kian

      This was one of the worst months ever to be an lfc fan, hopefully we can just ease kabak and Davies as a cb pairing, get hendo and fab back in midfield and use jota and keita more, by doing this we can then compete in the champions league

      1. Kian

        @wonderful human being with a great character no no I've been supporting since 2007/08 szn, but this month was tough for fans thats all

      2. wonderful human being with a great character

        So, you're a pretty new to Liverpool? I just want you to watch some videos of Liverpool around 2010 till around 2015.

    83. Jayden Moriarty

      Can you reply

    84. Felixwet07

      nice goals

    85. Liverpool Anfield

      The greatest English football team in history liverpool will comeback stronger than ever before YWNA

      1. Nas Ahmed

        Well they are gonna win!

      2. Nas Ahmed

        @Santiago Larios Shut up

      3. Santiago Larios

        I’m gonna laug at you when they lose

      4. Nas Ahmed

        @Santiago Larios Yeah so what you going to about it!

      5. Santiago Larios

        Your Liverpool fanboys

    86. Clite OH

      Do they respond

    87. PROMO


    88. SB Gaming

      Wait, we scored this month?

    89. Borris J

      What can we choose from we didn’t score many goals 😂😂

      1. mohamed abarkan

        @hihi haha LooooooL

      2. Uzbeki Mapper

        @hihi hahaI can’t even think of a way to make fun of you. Your sentence alone is enough.

      3. hihi haha

        So dissapointed at klopp, he's a fraud

      4. Fouad B

        But there is goals , what s your favourite?

      5. Hussein Khalife

        these were amazing goals tho

    90. Gamer Guy

      How many did we get in January😅

      1. Fouad B

        Whats your favourite ?

      2. Amrit Singh

        @Harvey Banks lol

      3. Harvey Banks


    91. Agung Putra

      YNWA ..

    92. daacad official

      Mo salah 👍👍👍

    93. GamingWithAryan

      Hi Liverpool

    94. Sadam Abdi

      Mane is the best player in the premier legue

      1. Vortex Entertainment

        Salah is literally better. What r u on about

      2. Reem Retal

        So . where is his goals?😂

    95. Nora Kupa


    96. Tollah Tv ferkah

      Surprised you had any

    97. Eko E


    98. Bibu vstheworld

      Rip Jurgen Klopp

      1. Aryaman7


      2. FAR CREation

        Your dad is rip