Matchday Live: Aston Villa v Liverpool | Build-up to Villa Park clash

Liverpool FC

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    Live build-up to Liverpool's Premier League game at Aston Villa.
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    1. Muhammad Navsarkar sarka

      ranaldo162 tik tok. Mosarkar308 VIthrow

    2. Faris Aidil

      Barcelona: we know what you feeling liverpool

    3. Endras Lucky


    4. exsoulagent

      Interesting that the highlights have not been shown?

    5. Angela ytc

      7-2 🤣🤣

    6. Celeste abigail Herrera vasquez

      Me enoja enserio no se q le paso al liverpool la verdad pero a veces se pierde a veces se gana 😪😪😪😪😭😭😭

    7. curtis Koenze

      Its adrian who did let us lose the match adrian goal keeper

    8. rgonko

      I really don't wanna see this desaster again..

    9. Tyrone

      oh no please say our team is not gonna get struck by covid 19 first thiago then mane, now Shaqiri we have a problem man!.... ywnwa

    10. Yunus Emre Bora

      Aston Villa played pressing after losing the ball and also very deep. On the other side Liverpool tried again and again to play futbol and maked passes thorugh the stations. And almost every time lose liverpool the ball (Cause of the massive Pressing) and Aston Villa started a counter attack. But the Point is what Aston Villa did wont work every time in the future. That means Aston Villa used a trick against Liverpool and in the Truth Aston Villa cant play futbol. And excatly Because of that is what Aston Villa did simply disgusting.


      Sedih dibantai

    12. bhaskar


    13. KellyVEVO

      Liverpool you'll kill me for real.

    14. Muhammad Fikri Maulana

      OMG 😱😱😱😱 the 2020/2021 is crazy scores since champions league 2019/2020 fc barcelona 2-8 fc bayern munich and now in 2020/2021 premier league aston villa 7-2 liverpool fc that was bullshit

    15. Christian B

      It's time to get a real 9, let the false 9 go. He's been useless. His value on the market is good, sell him get a good one that scores goals and plays 100%. Firmino is scared to stick his foot, he's too fancy.


      Man u : loses 6-1 Liverpool : you'll never walk alone

    17. Justin C Last

      I think its time for TAA to play RCM.

    18. Hanafy Sullivan


    19. Hayat Nur


    20. samuel serrezuela alvarez

      Fue un partido muy malo (ya q perdió el liverpool) xdxd Solo los q hablan español entienden

    21. Luke Owen

      Notice how they didn’t upload highlights

    22. Andrew Davies

      I said at the beginning of this season that we will struggle! This will not be the last time we get humiliated either. Time for Klopp to get a plan b because he caused so much humiliation on the fans in just one game! Villa will live on this for years and so will our opponents! Bloody disgrace every single one of them from start to finish! New goalkeeper and a whole new defence needed to go with that plan b, if Jurgen is even capable of thinking on up.

    23. Samson Oluwatosin

      First of all, Karius isn't the replacement for Adrian lol. Karius is just as bad as Adrian probably even worse. We need Gazzaniga from Spurs asap. Secondly, this game goes to show how much we need both Salah and Mane playing at the same time. They're key to our possession and shape. Thirdly, our midfield is playing short of one player. We have Keita who strides through defence and sets Salah up. We have Fabinho who intercepts. Then we have the impostor 'Gini Wijnaldum'. This man Gini does nothing for the team. He can't even make a long pass. Doesn't intercept. Doesn't make tackles. Doesn't cover for Robbo properly. He plays the same damn way every game. His services might have been valid when Liverpool was struggling and losing was normal but not anymore. All the players have developed themselves except him. Maybe we should be playing him as a sub until he shows class. Also, Van Djik and Gomez make a good pair. They also have good chemistry but what Gomez has in speed, he lacks in defensive awareness. That use to be ok cos Henderson was literally covering for both Arnold and Gomez. We have to do something about this as Henderson isn't available. Play Matip! Lastly, the offside trap has done more harm than good. BRING BACK GEN GEN PRESSING with a balanced defensive line. Our players have the stamina for it! And we conceeded less goals playing that way.

    24. Benigmay Gmay

      What hapening

    25. ABEL TV


    26. BonoDion

      INVINCIBLE TROPHY is not for everyone 👍

    27. erd ty

      7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 Hahaha

    28. erd ty


    29. Blue eyed Eurasian

      haha man city, man united, liverpool all getting barcavirus🤣

    30. Magzpolt

      Minutes before destruction

    31. Blue eyed Eurasian


    32. Loukas Loukakis

      What happened to Allison get him back to the goalposts

      1. Dark Angel

        @Loukas Loukakis Yes

      2. Loukas Loukakis

        Klopp buy a reserve goalkeeper Andrian is so bad .

      3. Dark Angel

        He is injury

    33. Talal Al otaibi

      Chelsea or Everton or Aston Villa Will be champion league. I wish Chelsea of course 💙

    34. Talal Al otaibi

      What a scandal

    35. Nhạc Bá

      I don't understand. 2-7

    36. Grey M

      I don't think Adrian is good for liverpool 😭

    37. Rasmil


    38. Basma Aly

      bring us a backup Goalkeeper..🤐

      1. TꙄAƎᙠ

        Paulo Gazzaniga

    39. cakep bekasi


    40. erk 7020

      Adrian = defeat. Famous goalkeeper calls goal. In Brazil there are great and cheap reserve goalkeepers for Liverpool!

    41. Dalia Ibrahim


    42. Tomingse

      O My God😭

    43. Dyananta

      Why did liverpool lose to aston villa

    44. Louai An


    45. G


    46. theiviaster2

      Absolutely unpredictable weekend lol

    47. awareness

      Klopp to Ole : You'll never walk alone .

    48. Dana Hadiana


    49. David Manrique


    50. rkswl whe

      한국인 있냐?

    51. Ray Dignam

      It's time to stop playing such a high line this isn't the first time we been caught out,the other teams didn't take there chances but villa did today awful defeat for us,well played villa

    52. Sis Prod

      Salah he play only for him not for team

      1. He him

        Mane supporter of course 😂😂😂


      We have support the team in good days and bad days. Unity is strength. YNWA

    54. Azihaf Oficial

      Save 7 - 2😆

      1. Fluffy McFluff

        Imagine having such a sad life that you have nothing better to do than laugh at a set of fans while they are down

    55. Dheyzon Santos

      Brasílian firmino

    56. Abo Bara2

      I can't believe how Klopp is satisfied with a free goalkeeper ! Once Alisson is off we put our hands on our hearts. It is the time to say to Adrian thanks and watch us from your TV and just pray for us. Plus, we need immediately another defender next to VVD. That's it.

      1. Lê Đạt

        Abo Bara2 Fabinho should play as a defender

    57. Ruben Schneider

      To everyone who says Adrian is to blame for the result: If the entire team had played better, villa wouldn't have had so many chances and Adrian wouldn't have got into trouble that often And tbh there really were some very lucky scores even young buffon couldn't keep them. We can rather thank him that there was no higher result for villa. I'm not a fan of Adrian but I don't like it when someone is treated as sh*t

    58. Jejak Rider

      calm, still beginning season 😌 but i shy about the scores 🙈

    59. Elias Vanden Broucke

      You’ll never walk alone is the best song ever and I am a madridista so much respect for you guys you are the best supporters in the world 🙏 if Real Madrid had this supporters🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

    60. nAz1

      Bayern to villa: Welcome to the club man

      1. Yonathan González

        Albert the Magnanimous!



    62. Taha Stitou

      1 2 3 4 5 6 7 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    63. lomesh awotur

      That's not how champions play Disgraceful performance. Still Liverpool Football Club for life❤️ Need to improve.

    64. Big Brother

      What a bunch of babies 😂😂😂

    65. Big Brother

      Everyone sucks

    66. Big Brother

      Salah sucks

    67. Big Brother

      Henderson sucks

    68. Big Brother

      Klopp sucks

      1. Dark Angel

        He won the UCL with a English team, how many times Pep won the UCL with Manffp City?

    69. Jack Rogan

      This didn’t age well...

    70. Big Brother

      I hate this club so much 😂

    71. Big Brother

      Embarrassing!!! 😂😂😂

    72. Umm Probably No one

      My satisfaction is immeasurable and my day has been made.

    73. Blue Moon

      Screw you Liverpool💩💩💩

    74. Amaar Hassan


    75. Craigo Charger

      15th of December 1976 - Liverpool 1 - Aston Villa 5. Liverpool won the league.


      We need to play Fabinho with V van dijk. When we see he play with V van dijk, our defend play so good. And we can prob play another Mid Fielder to fill Fabinho empty position. Also, we need to change. We lose cuz we dont have Mane, Alisson, Hendo and other main player. If we not changing that, and some of the player is injured or cant play. Were gonna lose, even to team like Promotion team or team that play bad in premier league so far

    77. Idriss Diedhiou

      Continu to belive that salah is the soul of liverpool. Without mané liverpool's face change radically its time to respect him

    78. ハーランド


    79. Liverpool38 klopp

      stop la ça suffi les grosses tete dehors et foutez nous les jeunes virgil nul gomez dégueulasse firmino endormi le gardien une catastrophe seul deux joueurs ont été bon salah et jota non mais haut et klopp ne change rien je pense que la les dirigeants doivent intervenir klopp fait de la merde depuis 2 match franchement ils ont tous pris la grosse tête depuis qu'ils ont gagné la première league bin ciao si ils ont plus cette faim place aux jeunes qui eux en veulent contre arsenal en cup c'était super

    80. Fernando Kuran

      Reds we need to wake up otherwise the spirit of 2010 will come and take over us we need to ignite our Fire again coz this is just too much. Klopp must change his Tactics alot of teams studied how we played Last season so he must come up with a new tactic that he can show us and develop the team more. This perfomance for Champions is un acceptable to be honest

    81. User0815

      this is LOSERPOOL ♥

    82. momo kaito

      Change the title to Build up to get smashed

    83. 최보선


    84. Basma Aly

      I love liverpool in the bad times before the good ones..Gooo please and let us forget this all next match please💞.YNWA from Egypt

    85. Joe Dalton


    86. Joe Dalton

      Hahahahaha looseeersss

    87. Datenschutz Datenschutz

      7:2 , 7:2 Hey Hey 7:2 7:2 Hey Hey


      Get rid of Adrian

    89. Datenschutz Datenschutz

      BEST MATCH OF 20/21 ♥ hahahahhaha

    90. Alexio El Guapo

      Klopp OUT!

    91. Suhaimi Harun

      Before thinking our next game, we need to fix defensive issue, it's been there since we out of champions league, and it continues when we play this season, It was appalling against Arsenal in Carabao Cup, the gap was opened wide in counter attack ! A small error enough to punish us.

    92. Pablo Hernandez

      Aston Villa 7-2 Liverpool What the hell is wrong? Adrian? Mane? Jota? Seriously whAt the #### happened?

    93. Shane O Mac

      YNWA= You Never Win Aston

    94. Valle Einberger

      Well that escalated quickly...

    95. Hauk 07


    96. Stephen

      You lot are dead

    97. G B

      Absolute disgrace. The high line is stupid and does not work, once they're in behind it gives you no chance, Gomez should be dropped and Adrian shouldn't be at the club.

    98. Đỗ Mạnh Cường

      7 2 what the...

    99. neil rogers

      Really! When has a Liverpool team ever conceded 7 !! Never!! In my memory-in the league but I can only remember from 1977!! So please let me know if you know better!!

      1. neil rogers

        Thanks mate I rest my case .

      2. Lopez Birsh

        last time liverpool conceded 7 was in 1963

    100. Muhammad Tayyab