Highlights: Liverpool 1-4 Manchester City | Reds beaten at Anfield

Liverpool FC

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    Watch key highlights from LFC's home defeat to Pep Guardiola's Man City in the Premier League, despite Mo Salah levelling things with a penalty in front of the Kop.
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    1. Bakugan Hantaman

      Reds haters : you'll never win again

    2. Bairon antonio Murillo salcedo

      Manchester city 💪👈

    3. Malaya producciones

      Cheese in the left

    4. Hany Abdelmagid

      What happened to Liverpool

    5. Patrick Kennedy

      The thumbnail is the only good part of the match for u lot

    6. Patrick Kennedy

      Great performance from the reds

    7. ulik kasymoff

      Pep after first missed pass from Allison like: "That error was good for us, but i want it twice...TWIIIIIICE"

    8. eioshen boboi

      Allison said Karius and Adrian : "You'll never walk alone".

    9. kolim jone

      me dad told allison was doing it purposely he told he did not sleep for a night

    10. Trumping The Truth

      destroyed by the blue moon !

    11. dcoog anml

      "It's a double bubble derick"😭💀

    12. Robbo Rich


      1. eioshen boboi

        Young Foden thunderbolt blows Anfield

    13. Who is your DADDY


      1. kolim jone


    14. M&Ms mapper

      Lmao, even noob team can beat Liverpool with that mistake Alison did. Just wait opponent keeper pass you and you score XD

    15. gtoss chddy

      Allison was just jealous of Adrian's legendary performance so Alisson is inspired by him!!!!!

      1. dcoog anml

        jürgen wo ist dein Spiel? hast du etwas verloren?

    16. Gowshik Cena

      Can't retain the form for even 1 year

    17. Balari Lyngdoh Nonglait

      Is better him to sitting on the bench instead of him second glkeeper is fair enough

    18. Balari Lyngdoh Nonglait

      Alison becker is beggar. Uselss he mistake again n again, today also mistake with licester city

      1. gtoss chddy

        Allison was just jealous of Adrian's legendary performance so Alisson is inspired by him!!!!!

    19. Arabian Boy

      To all LOSERPOOL fans, Goodbye. Ive had a long think about it and I have come to a conclusion that I don’t love this club anymore.I hate it. It’s just a tinpot club that has no form of success. I’ve decided to support man city a big team. Time to finally win some trophies

      1. Soinas Doyi

        I still can't believe this channel used that kind of title

    20. Bùi Lê Văn

      In the future , Liverpool 0-7 Leipzig

      1. Soinas Doyi

        Allison was just jealous of Adrian's legendary performance so Alisson is inspired by him!!!!!

    21. Suli Fifa&pes

      I miss Virgil van dijk

      1. Ben Alexander

        Team like losErpool who rely on only one player will never win again

    22. Soinas Doyi

      I was sad that I couldn't watch the second half, now I'm happy I haven't seen it. :)

    23. Mark Whittaker

      Well played Manchester City. A deserved victory. It's looking very good at the moment for them. However, I STILL believe Liverpool will retain the title. We have worked too hard to just give it up so easily. Plus there have been so many unexpected results thus far......and there is still over a third of the season to go. We were in a similar position in the 1985-86 season and went on to win The Double. Also we have pulled out some amazing victories in our time. Such as: Barcelona 2019. Dortmund 2016. West Ham 2006. AC Milan 2005. Olympiacos 2005. Klopp needs to put round pegs in round holes. Defenders in defence, midfielders in midfield etc. This is the perfect time to start an astonishing run towards retaining the title and winning the Champions League. It does sound far fetched, but I'm still very confident. And remember other teams even in the Premier League era, looked like they had the title sown up only to collapse and lose it. The road to the title starts today at Leicester City. I'll go Leicester City 2-4 Liverpool. Also RIP to Jürgen's mum. That is never easy to deal with and again puts everything into perspective. YNWA!

    24. Masbayu chanel

      Karius becker🤣lol

    25. vinasu maaj

      Keep Strong Red. You Never Walk Alone.❤️

      1. Soinas Doyi

        "Klopp: Allison's feet was cold". Uh a certain Mr. Roy Keane made my day.

    26. Bolia Fops

      Young Foden thunderbolt blows Anfield

    27. KhaLLi Imran


    28. Igor Korolev

      jürgen wo ist dein Spiel? hast du etwas verloren?

      1. vinasu maaj

        Dont worry guys we are still legends

    29. JW 99


      1. Bolia Fops


    30. Gary Griffin

      Sorry to here about jurgen mam puts football back in its box Griff city fan

      1. bilij pdan

        Klopp to Alisson " I said carry us ! Not Karius !

    31. TrentSZN


    32. soniyu ziuy

      Allison was just jealous of Adrian's legendary performance so Alisson is inspired by him!!!!!

    33. koncomu

      I still can't believe this channel used that kind of title

    34. Zhaku Tv

      I think liverpol has saled the match

    35. rleifjebp

      Salah is at some degree in the same level with kane who is irreplaceable and carrying the team in common but kane often save the team from hell but Salah doesn't play as a problem solver which the most big club need and wish for from particular player who can be standing on behalf of team and most expensive player in the club

      1. soniyu ziuy

        Liverpool back to 2016/17

    36. Florence Chang

      Really want to watch Inside Anfield of this game. Can you guys upload it, please? THX!!!

    37. Glitchy Z900

      The Frontmen brought me here 😆

    38. yaliso gioouy

      "Klopp: Allison's feet was cold". Uh a certain Mr. Roy Keane made my day.

    39. ali alawy

      Allison still a great goul keeper one fail doesn't matter

    40. Liverpool is the best Ya

      Dont worry guys we are still legends

    41. Jota Araújo

      Parece que os chineses ficaram de mau humor depois da partida kkkk

    42. Jota Araújo


      1. yaliso gioouy

        Klopp : "Carry us" Alisson : "Ok. I will Karius"

    43. Alessio Barlassina

      Alisson sarà la volta buona che smette di fare il fenomeno


      Its also possible to say, Diegos hand of god is an unpredictable no goal i have ever known. The case is legally a no goal because the camera shows the ball is played whith hand in an FIFA World Cup final whith England versus Argentina and playing the ball whith hand which is not an throw in is not allowed. Now the case goes further, the judge or referees are able to know how the goal and play is made. The case isnt able to judge whithin the predictable game rules is it a legal goal or no goal. We know its not a legal goal but the play counts still as goal. In this case the referees are unpredictable. We can think good or bad about this case and say a lot that doesnt count for real. lol. Looking at Liverpools manager that isnt funny anymore. lo, sorryl


        Mo does score one more goal. In this year Mo will remember the equal.

    45. Marc Aomine

      Klopp to Alisson " I said carry us ! Not Karius !

    46. Marc Aomine

      Alexander Arnold was useless in this game

    47. Marc Aomine

      Commentator : " Big games need big moments from big players " Me : " And big mistakes "

    48. fidafififi

      Fark Allison's mum. I think his mum plays better than him!

    49. Ahmed Al-Ebrashy

      Yea it is all Allison's fault, the rest of the players were fabolous.

    50. Dderionnews

      Liverpool back to 2016/17

    51. Gio Naxucrishvili

      Liverpool 💩💩💩💩 Manchester city best

    52. Jodi Stottor

      who else watched the whole ad so that liverpool can get some more money in their budget... ???

    53. The Moment


      1. mijuo roui

        Manchester city M.a good morning my love you Like Subscribe

    54. sannio komi

      I like to see someone made the same mistake several times within few minutes.

    55. Eminosrrr

      Fire Allison.

    56. 오리예나

      Klopp : "Carry us" Alisson : "Ok. I will Karius"

    57. mlll roy

      ıllıllı⭐🌟 ​w͙e͙ s͙h͙o͙u͙l͙d͙ w͙a͙t͙c͙h͙F͙C͙ b͙a͙r͙c͙e͙l͙o͙n͙a͙'s͙ v͙i͙d͙e͙o͙ f͙o͙r͙ t͙h͙e͙i͙r͙ f͙i͙n͙a͙l͙c͙i͙a͙l͙ s͙u͙p͙p͙o͙r͙t͙ o͙n͙ t͙h͙e͙i͙r͙ o͙f͙f͙i͙c͙i͙a͙l͙ y͙o͙u͙t͙u͙b͙e͙ c͙h͙a͙n͙n͙e͙l͙ II

      1. sannio komi


    58. 海老鬼

      最近リバプールのファンになった私にはこの試合はショックでした。 この後のリーグでの巻き返し頑張って欲しいです。 日本から応援しています。

    59. mijuo roui

      "It's a double bubble derick"😭💀

    60. Ted Johnson

      I’m Liverpool’s biggest fan

    61. CD8tuner

      My teacher supports Liverpool

    62. Marcos Alexander Daga Ruiz

      Que fue con ese Alisson del 2019 una mrda lo que le pasa al Liverpool de verdad es muy preocupante

    63. ebru ceylan


      1. mijuo roui

        Hahaha yess come on city 💙🤍

    64. Muhammad Fajri

      Hahahhaa Ipul masuk goa


      Thankyou alisson

    66. brandon gan

      Not a good match👎

    67. Huai Zher Ho


    68. Hanad ck official

      Manchester city M.a good morning my love you Like Subscribe

    69. Mr Hanzo

      Jiancok liverpool

    70. Suboh 103

      I respect Liverpool for actually posting the video after an unbelievable loss

    71. CREEPERS

      Alisson MVP

    72. CREEPERS


    73. King E Ϟ


    74. sotuur aeei

      Allison said Karius and Adrian : "You'll never walk alone".

    75. عباس حسن

      منو عربي بحط لايك

    76. Kora Goal

      Why you streaming this sh** 😡🤬😡

    77. Majed Albalawi

      Hahaha yess come on city 💙🤍

    78. ONE13

      Salah : running towards a goalkeeper Man City defender : touch salah in his arm cus it's too late to make a tackel" Salah : "boii ohh boii it's a free real estate"

      1. sotuur aeei

        Alisson next year to Turkey 🙊

    79. Dabo Usoekon

      This was a well done highlight reel by the Liverpool media handler...it was done to make Liverpool look good in this game as best as it could

    80. Matias Rodriguez

      Alison en modo karius

    81. Hikmatur Rosyidah

      Pecat klop

    82. CITY HDEH


    83. Joseph Ujiadughele

      Despite a terrible bad run of results, not a single dive at the coach. Great fan base 👍👍👍. If only man u is like this

      1. Joseph Ujiadughele

        I came here to observe The fan spirit. From a Tottenham fan

    84. yousef ayman

      I think that what Solh is doing gives him priority by touching the sensitive thread of the flag, and when the flag, I mean that, he can now influence the decisions of the future Liverpool, and what will be after him I hope that this team does not betray it, as it undoubtedly has become an important piece for her. 👇

    85. ห๊ะ อะไรนะ

      Red duck

    86. Mwenda Ntalami

      Remember who wears the GOLD badge on his shoulder.... 🤔 We STILL believe in you, champs! 🔴

    87. Taufiq Purba


    88. Teen Pride

      Karius is back at Anfield but this time in a beard

    89. rubenkmkc

      The Karius effect

    90. Conmebol


    91. Pulp Roman

      Another disgraceful dive by Salah.

    92. spc3mky


    93. Mister LLuiz7

      Valeu Alisson, +3 na conta 😂😂

    94. A K

      Leave alisson alone it just happend

    95. Γιάννης Πολιτόπουλος

      Ένα άσχημο αποτέλεσμα είναι πάντα μία αφορμή για μία καλύτερη συνέχεια. Γιατί η Λίβερπουλ είναι μία οικογένεια που ξέρει να αντέχει σε όλα. Άλλωστε, και οι παίκτες μας μπορούν κάποιες φορές να κατεβαίνουν από τους θρόνους τους. Για να επιστρέψουν εκεί αργότερα πιο δυνατοί.

    96. Jr


    97. Yazid Zulfikar

      Allison 4 - 1 Liverpool

    98. Ahmed Haithem Ahmed

      Salah who wanted to win only

    99. Arminiusz Mazowszanin

      City have incredible midfield power : De Bruyne, Bernardo, Foden, Gundogan, Mahrez.

    100. Arminiusz Mazowszanin

      Karius : ive had the worst mistakes adrian : no it was me who was the worse alisson : hold my beers i will try to beat you both.