Klopp's Reaction: Milner celebrations, formation change & goal reactions | West Ham vs Liverpool

Liverpool FC

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    Jürgen Klopp explains the celebrations with James Milner after the opener, and describes the Reds' three brilliant goals at the London Stadium.
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    1. ceerw buty

      We love Mo Salah.

    2. Rock girl

      i blieved we'll be back and now here we are

    3. kolim jone

      beautiful incisive drive and pass. Nat has been a rock. Really don't wanna jinx it. Touch wood.

    4. Karoon Moodley

      I loved how Curtis Jones came in and added some urgency & direct running to our play..

      1. Karoon Moodley

        @ceerw buty Salah🥇

      2. ceerw buty

        Salah 💪🇺🇬

    5. Isares Archvarin

      Keep playing Milly.

    6. Mark Copperbridge

      Gunner here. Happy you guys lot are winning. Don't want to see Penchester ahead of you (even us but seems unlikely at the moment). Go and win the league

      1. kolim jone

        When it's now called a Liverpool goal

    7. Sam Jones

      Milner is the goat

      1. Rock girl

        i blieved we'll be back and now here we are

    8. محمد حامد ال حسن

      Moo salahh

    9. JoHn Ghaly

      It feels like Klopp doesn't want to talk much about Salah. He emphasizes the team effort but wouldn't give Salah enough credit

    10. Ivan Hadlich

      It's so good to be a Liverpool supporter.

    11. Mr Meow

      "yeah good decision " lmao

    12. Subhadeep Sonowal

      This type of Liverpool is very very very dangerous, trust me or not.

    13. jere wizy


    14. Hab dino

      2:05 Milner is just Pure Class i am so happy we got him from Man City he`s been outstanding since then always gives 100% YNWA

    15. David Kakar


    16. Apa aja Chanel

      Dak ngerti bahasa Inggris 😂

    17. Igor

      Give minamino a chance and stop play origi

    18. Nin9211

      Milner: "i take that back"

    19. Malik Gogolyo

      Salah 💪🇺🇬

    20. Lfc Blood

      Shak is showing his true form I’ve always rated him Our team is back baby

    21. Liverpool FC

      When it's now called a Liverpool goal

    22. huss1205

      It's all about who is leading the team. Klopp and Guardiola have what it takes to make players feel confident the manager knows what he is doing, hard to question their decisions, Mourinho was like that, he has lost it long ago...

    23. ndumiso m moyo

      I like the way the team played was happy to see Bobby coming in as a second half substitute. Was happy that he didn't start with our front yes Mane was injured but rotating players it's a good thing, hopefully he will continue rotating players.

    24. Abdinasir Mohamed


    25. angel queenシ

      The second goal is the best counter attack your ever likely to see.

    26. David Franck My Swahili channel

      Nice sub from klopp

    27. russell hutapea

      I just realize how important Milner is. He is Klopp’s last weapon to raise team mentality. Klopp tried to safe him not to get injured because February is the toughest month!

    28. Wilar Wigen

      yess yess go on top performance reds!!

    29. JJ Mutenteria

      No matter what liverpool still need a CB n RB does klopp read these msg. Why does he get it.

    30. Alfa

      Course Liverpool gonna change their formation like this, injured players are the no 1 cause

    31. sergio minota

      We love you klopp

    32. Moody Anwer

      Give salah good atmosphere and he will give you magic

    33. ItsTrajectoryMate

      I don't know how Origi is making it into the starting lineup. He hasn't been at his best for a long time now.

    34. Ann Phoenix

      Missed klopps laugh for sure😂

    35. Fari Suprada

      Did anyone notice when we play with Green jersey we'd never won a match..?? Or is it just me ?? I don't believe in jinx but ... please just play with Red and Black ones.. CMIIW

    36. Aneez Husain

      Good game by our Lads♥️♥️ Ynwa

    37. TC Lim

      Great job Lads! YNWA! Brighton next... Then City... Another day at the office...

    38. Akew Chanel

      Taktik klop amazing

    39. Paddy Mc

      Admit it, if you don't have him as your coach, you wish you did. About twice a year I watch this 6 minute video of him walking around greeting, congratulating and consoling people after the final whistle in the CL Final against Tottenham. He's so sincere about everything he does. Literally any other coach and I'd be embarrassed doing that but not with him, not with Liverpool, YNWA from Sydney Aus.

    40. MacIsBack

      A big shout out to Philips today.. Who is with me..?

    41. Afrim Kozmaqi

      Imagine if Salah ore Mane was on that situation where Shaq passed the ball,Imagine what will happen

    42. Jason Kennedy

      Happy Jurgen is back.

    43. Cosmas Malubila


    44. Matthew du Sart


    45. Sarah Faith

      sadio gotta go

    46. T Teo

      Stop starting Origi in the starting 11

    47. adu bimpong

      We have a new center back now, nat Philips. I love is pullout, clearance, his confidence but Handerson has miss midfield. You could see that. We can pair, fabinho and Philips, so handerson could come back to midfield. Then, Tiago can play typical number 8 or 10 role

    48. kikur ASSS

      shaquiri pass was superb, if Salah scored on origi pass that would have been credited as a superb quick genius pass . firmino and gini buildup was also masterclass. if you want to break up defences players will need to pass quick and shoot.

    49. john robinson

      turn the fuckin volume up couldnt hear a thing

    50. Saharsh Shukla

      ...At the end of the storm... You'll never walk alone.

    51. Keith TKW

      Shld have given Nat Phillips MOTM. He did rly well. Not to discredit Salah for his goals. Felt that Nat Phillips would need a confidence booster.

    52. Cengok Fransbesco

      The best coach ever. .,👍🎉

    53. Malngiang Rjmalngiang

      Mohammed Salah👍👍👏👏🙏🙏

    54. Alan Vinod

      Its really good to see liverpool back in the game.. Salahs 2nd goal against them was superb.. A solid defense from hendo and Philips. But just didn't see much involvement by origi his performance has gone down the hill.. Get well soon mane and rest of the team🙏❤️

    55. Maqsadbek Olimov

      Salah 👍 Alison 👎😡

    56. adriel wo

      🙏Hopefully there is a chance for regeneration of CB by the pair of Nat & Rhys. 🌟Both of them are huge potential for LFC's future.

    57. adriel wo

      🙏Please find solutions to overcome against the 🚌🚌🚌🚌🚌high defensive and 🛫aerial play opponent. 👏Come on Liverpool✊ 💪Let's win it🏆🥇🏆🥇🔥YNWA🔥

    58. Pete P

      Can Klopp be my dad? Unfortunately my Dad doesn’t want me

    59. adriel wo

      🙏Please fix the aerial balls defending, cuz already several times we conceded by aerial balls.👏Come on LFC ✊Keep it up.

    60. adriel wo

      💪Keep it up Nat✊

    61. adriel wo

      👏Nat Phillips👏

    62. stuuuueeeeee

      69 man united fans 👎 king klopp 😂😂😂 gotta love haters 🔥🔥🔥

    63. Ashish Khanal

      That's why love this guy

    64. Taqi matondang

      I cant say anything 😍, Milli, Shaq, Nat and Jones, Hendo and all really execited to see their performance ..

    65. Indra Gupta

      Apart from the counter, the other 2 goals showed the intelligent movement n pass in a very little space is perhaps the solution that makes more sense to score in a packed block

    66. Fadzwan Mama


    67. love_ universe

      Where is Mane??, Why doesnt He play??

    68. Norou Ndiaye

      Nice na

    69. Willy Mvesta

      Gini always dedicates his goals to VVD...💓

    70. E W

      3 goals!!!


      We have the smartest Manager in the World..

    72. Redy Pajero

      _Mo's brace, that Shaq pass, Masterclass in Midfield~_ *It was a good weekend, lads. You'll Never Walk Alone.*

    73. KiWi

      Where is minamino?

    74. naik berbukit vlog

      Sub Indonesia please

    75. Parviz Dzhalolov

      The list of our injuries just shocking but still reds fight to the end it’s inspiring and amazing 👏 Virgil Jota Gomes Matip Fabinho Keita Liverpool ❤️🚩 YNWA

    76. Ahmed Hashish111

      Mo Salah man of tha matsh♥️

    77. Isak Ketsakidis

      We are coming like a Liverpool express steam train. Manchester is wobbling . Wait a month they will see ♥️

    78. Kambiz Rassa

      Come on Champions.

    79. Rosa María Sedano Cáceres

      Mr. KLOOP

    80. Hendo the goat

      We need to get this dub vs city that will be great

    81. สมพงค์ ศรีโพนทอง

      ดิฉันช่วยทีมของท่านแล้วนะค่ะ? โมฮัมเหม็ดชาล้าเขาเป็นคนของ องค์แม่ราชินี?แห่งดินแดนพีระมิด ค่ะ?ฉันก็จะต้องช่วยเขานะค่ะ ยังไงเขาก็เป็นคนขององค์แม่ราชินีแห่ง อียิปต์?เพราะในชาตินี้มีดิฉันกับ โมฮัมเหม็ดชาล้า ที่ลงมาเกิดให่มมนุษย์โลก?นะค่ะ? องค์แม่?ส่งลงมาเกิดนะค่ะ?

    82. Hendo the goat

      Who needs mane when u got shaq

    83. Ozzy bruno Video

      Best team won YWN

    84. Matrix K

      Danke dir Herr Klopp

    85. Lucas matias Quiroz

      Liverpool es el mejor


      Buy Mbappe pls? 😂

      1. レオレオ

        Real Madrid

    87. Hepdy

      Liverpool : "Man City Please Wait"

    88. Ibrahim Mirtoski

      Klop u will be again Champion TRUST ME !!!!! YNWA..

    89. Mikk Lüftumie

      And the moral of the story is 3 passes to goal. Not 300

    90. Ibrahim Baimba Koroma

      What a win! YNWA

    91. الفرعون ابن النيل

      Egyptian King 🇪🇬🇪🇬🇪🇬 Mohamed Salah Top scorer in the English Premier League twice Best player in the English Premier League God bless you

    92. الفرعون ابن النيل

      Egyptian King 🇪🇬🇪🇬🇪🇬 Mohamed Salah Top scorer in the English Premier League twice Best player in the English Premier League God bless you

    93. stephen cohen

      3 not 2 you crazy and the 3rd was a beautiful team goal I don't know the stats but we kept the ball from the back all the way to where it ended up Gini stay please but Salah 2 again and KLOPP is right about Bobby Firmino cus he easily could have shot and maybe scored but the character of Bobby shone through with his clever unselfish play go on FIRMINO FIR,,,MINO ze boys play very well and in Germany ve have vays of makin u take.😅😅😅💯❤🇮🇪 To ze German German masterclass that is JURGEN KLOPP 💯🙏👏👏

    94. AMJ

      Check the statics about Liverpool Football ClubPremier League Most Assists you'll find Mo Salah the Ninth in 4 seasons :D ....after that say he’s Selfish !!!! You’re Fu*n Selfish haters ...

    95. Ammar Saleh

      We hope City to lose against Everton or even draw at most 🤲

    96. Omar Alswefy

      عالمي بإصلاح

    97. Oh glory

      Love Jurgen

    98. ابحث واتعلم، Search and Learn

      Milnar’s reaction showed the meaning of how to love your team :)... Team comes first!!!

    99. YNWA Lfc

      YNWA 🧜‍♂️