Inside Budapest: RB Leipzig 0-2 Liverpool | The best view of Reds' Champions League win

Liverpool FC

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    Take an alternative look, as goals from Mo Salah and Sadio Mane helped Jürgen Klopp's side to a victory in Hungary in the UEFA Champions League knockout round of 16 first leg.
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    1. kcha juankila


    2. Münib Gül


    3. ali hemed

      5:01 this is what we have brought on earth for

    4. Bayern München FC

      My predictions for EPL : 1. Manchester City 2. Manchester United 3. Liverpool 4. Chelsea

    5. gh In

      No no Everton defeat Liverpool lost by lost Liverpool.

    6. Joe Mcc

      Came here to brighten up my mood after the Everton game

    7. tamir abdu

      What clothes was gini wearing at the end, where can i find them

    8. bansang phone


    9. Paris FC

      Salah is lightning fast ⚡

    10. Enny Aja

      why is there no fidio training

    11. Sherlene Smith

      You guys only do these inside video when you guys win

    12. Nick Best

      Embarrassing we only do this now when we win. So so poor on the club really is.

    13. Bilal ERTUĞRUL

      We will bounce back, but for it, Kloppo has to take Tiago out of the team. Look, I dont say he isn't a good footballer, but he definitely kills our football. Look at the whole statistics. We lost VVD after 5 games & Gomes after 7 games. But, and a big but, we were winning without them, until Tiago came back from injury. After that, team started to loose its identity. This team has just one problem and it is clearly Tiago Alcantara. He is a Guardiola player, so why Guardiola didn't want him. Because he has İlkay Gündoğan. Gündoğan played 18 matches in PL & scored 11 goals. Tiago played 16 games, "0" Goal & "0" assist. The problem is very clear, Kloppo has to be realistic, I love him, but until he drops Tiago out of team, Liverpool will never be same. Time to take Tiago out of pitch, dont use him as a substitute too, we already saw he killed the team in Leicester game. He is a trojan horse of Guardiola for destroying Liverpool. Unless he's gone, we will never be same. I'm sorry. But these are the facts. Also eye test doesn't give us anything to be hopeful about him. Just drop him & play with younger scousers. Believe me, we will return to win games. But with him in starting 11, we even couldnt finsh in top 6, forget top 4. We have to get rid of him. Now, not later... Kloppo has to be realistic. This team found its identity after another ball stopper left team, Coutinho. Kloppo just has to return team's original identity. We dont need ball stoppers. U can find players like Tiago everywhere. I hope because of him we dont lose Wijnaldum. İt will be double killer.

      1. Bilal ERTUĞRUL

        @SimplyScoreHD Thiago will not give anything to this team. You are rght, İlkay now plays high, but originally he was no 6-8 for city. Look at Thiago, he couldnt be in bench. İt is crystal clear not just for this year, for next year also,, unless Klopp drops Tiago, this team couldnt see a top 4 finish. He is trojan horse of Guardiaola. Just see the truth. 16 games, "0" goal, "0" assist & no deffence. If u beieve in him, I respect that. But with him, Reds couldnt finish in top 4 in PL, his style doesnt suit to PL. Accept the reality.

      2. SimplyScoreHD

        Why are you comparing thiago to gundogan? Gundogan plays really high, almost like a second striker because they dont have aguero where as thiago plays cdm because fabinho and henderson are gone and injured. Normally thiago plays a more forward role. Stop blaming thiago and look at your clueless attack who dont know how to pass and penetrate the opposition's defence.

    14. Cian Dolan

      2-0 Everton

    15. The Gaming Gang JR

      Liverpool pls buy defender and midfielder so they got chance to win pls just try for our liverpool fan.


      Never give up

    17. Koshkar Teke


    18. Finley Edmonds number 17

      Hey Liverpool why did you not do Liverpool 1-4 Manchester City inside anfield is it because of losing because you never do inside anfield when you lose that is why

    19. wahyu tejo

      Don't let people say "one season team"

    20. Arham Nuroja


    21. Aaron T

      turning point

    22. Reodor Randers

      Come on you dont winn😭

    23. Cian Dolan

      No one likes LoSeRpOo

    24. Gamer Adrenalyn

      Well done lads its glad for me to play the match in my nation YNWA

    25. AH AL

      This won is great. should LFC win the CL , I doubt even the coming aggregate at Anfield. This 2021 is to forget.

    26. kamulegeya owen

      I watched this sport.

    27. YOUTOPIA


    28. Layth Barzangi

      2:39 Guys, it's not Halloween yet.

    29. black silversmith

      Yes come on guys lets fight!!!!💪💪💪💪💪

    30. Sutisna Hidayat

      Semoga bisa juara UCL....🇲🇨🇲🇨🇲🇨

    31. Zarcaster

      Salah and Mane syncing up 2:19

    32. Mam Luk

      Ozan Kabak was very promising With van dijk next to him he will become one of the best centre backs

    33. Fatroose

      Good to see the Boss smiling again. YNWA

    34. Riad Mahrez

      Liverpool is a strong, respectable team with many stars

    35. Navah King

      Please keep Gini. PLEASE

    36. Rabbit TKO

      4:50 What up with mane bruh lol

    37. THE KOPITE

      Brilliant stadium Brilliant performance YNWA

    38. Liverpool Fan

      All that training paid off

    39. UTE Youngsters

      A mi stadionunk!🇭🇺

    40. خالد الجابري

      Come on reds 💪

    41. konstancja74

      YNWA playing

    42. Bilal Ahmed Shariff

      That's exactly the type of performance required! Let us maintain these levels in the next upcoming games! YNWA!

    43. Karma Wangmo

      I love liverpool no matter what...winning or losing....always liverpool

    44. Costin

      Playing in Bucharest when?

    45. Joel Viju

      I'm a Liverpool fan but I have to admit City gon' win the cl yooo...LESSSGOOOO YNWA

      1. kamulegeya owen

        And so...

    46. SMITHY58

      If u support Liverpool like

    47. adriel wo

      Due to amount of injury, 🙏 Hopefully Ben Woodburn🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 get the chances to be in the main team till the end of this season.

    48. adriel wo

      Naby & Thiago were both great🌟Bundesliga competitors and now they're one team.🙏Hopefully both of them play together on midfield to create a new great🌟chemistry👍.

    49. jbc boxer

      Wh6 did mane not hug firmino when he scored firmino huged him then mane just did not even look at him

    50. Vasudev Bhat

      Ya win one game and act as if your in the champions league final

    51. Fatoom Gierdien

      I love this video....." Real" Thank YOU MUCH.

    52. victor 123

      GGMU !

    53. Daniel Peti

      this stadium looks unreal

    54. Matthew du Sart

      Yes champions

    55. BRAD CHAD

      DCL will dominate hendo if he plays cb against everton. Kloop dont do it please😭

      1. Normal Guy

        Yup,need someone who is more stronger on physical to defend against him,call me weird but it think Nat Phillips will be good,Kabak is good but have little to no Expirience and Ben Davies is....idk....Matip out for season with Gomez Injury,even i hearf Fab will miss

    56. NotSoLiberal

      Salah reminded me of these Nat Geo videos where the leopard leaps out of nowhere

      1. Mohamad A K


      2. Unique Recitations


    57. MB

      We needed that win. Now let’s teach the mongrels a lesson tonight

      1. MetalForTheMasses

        Poor Don Carlo, tho

    58. Beat that sucker B

      Liverpool's on the right track.

    59. Muhammad Hakim Asy'ari

      I really like Ozan Kabak confidence 👍🏽

      1. Mam Luk

        Same He is only 20

    60. Mohamed Mana3

      Oh man Salah took that mistake like wind

    61. MrYeti

      Liverpool are the best

    62. Ammar Saleh

      Last chance for libzig, it's like we play without LCB 😂.

    63. Mohamed careef Nuur

      The shining star of of liverpool team is mo Salah

    64. Lucius Annaeus Seneca

      One win after quite a while. No wonder, the song and dance about it.

    65. Nur Cahyowati

      Carlsberg vs Red Bulls

      1. Normal Guy

        I support Carlsberg although i can only drink Red Bull

    66. Mr Haso

      ❤ Football

    67. Shivam Kumar

      This stadium is bigger than Anfield 😮

    68. Yousef Yasser

      Salah is the best😍🎻

    69. Yousef Yasser

      Mo Salah is the Top

    70. Bello r

      I have the feeling liverpool and psg will meet again...

    71. Enlightened Turtle

      up d reds!

    72. Abdinasir Mohamed

      COYR 💪 let's smash the toffees once and for all 💪

      1. kamulegeya owen

        Well said Kop...

    73. Nayeemur Rashid

      Dayot Upamecano was so good😐we Should Have Signed him

    74. IMDAD


    75. Nana Afriyie.

      Excellent thanks

    76. Luke Donaldson

      very good to see this loved the video want to see more

    77. Royy dan ocha

      Saya orang jawa(INDONESIA)FANS setia LIVERPOOL..YNWA💪💪💪👍

    78. Abel Atalla Fauzta

      good job liverpool

    79. John Black

      Finally 'Inside' episode that I can watch without getting mad.

    80. R

      Amazing how small the pitch looks in this video in comparison to the tv.. what looks like loads of space for a pass really isn’t that much which makes it even more impressive


      5:26 👊👊

    82. sara here

      Muslims showed who are champions . 💪🏻❤️

    83. G.A genaral

      Sadiooooooo😁😁😁( sorry he’s my favorite player)

    84. Liverpool Football Club

      We needed this win to go to the final

      1. kamulegeya owen


    85. Emirhan Hamzalı

      OZAN KABAK ❤🇹🇷❤🇹🇷❤🇹🇷❤🇹🇷❤🇹🇷

    86. Zyad c

      Liverpool is nothing with out salah

      1. Zyad c

        @Arvindjit Singh barca lost from psg 4_1 from bayern 8-2 if you think that barca is great team you are wrong salah will be in madrid with haland too and you will see

      2. Zyad c

        @Tarek Syrian thats what i can do now

      3. Zyad c

        @Arvindjit Singh ok you are right it was one game just one game in thies year too he scored 2goals and 2 assists in roma he was the reason to win and he scored the Penalty in spurs in the champions final liverpool with out salah was realy nothing even countinha, suarez and jerald the Legend of liverpool salh exceed him liverpool will be in 8 or 9 in priemer leauge salh in the top i realy want salh to leave this suck team

      4. Arvindjit Singh

        *cough cough* Liverpool vs Barcelona 4-3. We didnt have Salah and Firmino and we managed to score 4 against barca.

      5. Tarek Syrian

        please delete this comment ! you are not supporting him through such a meaningless comment !

    87. Rikki Swift

      1:23-1:57 can someone tell me the name of this song please?

      1. Rikki Swift

        @Unique Recitations its not mate, they play that before kick off, not during warm ups

      2. Unique Recitations

        Its UCL anthem

    88. Syed Fareed

      2-3 players hopping b4 entering the field, the boss just walks on.. class.. confidence..

    89. Wolfgang Scorpio

      Alisson's problems are goal-kicks and goal-throws. Why do you kick or throw the ball to the players close to you instead of kicking the ball FAR into the opponents' half -- so that your defenders and midfielders don't have to dribble the ball across the entire pitch? It's a waste of time and energy on the part of the players, AND, as we have seen during Alisson Becker's performance in the past two Premier League games, a field mine waiting to be stepped upon.

    90. Binod poudel

      Can anyone send me lfc jersey to Nepal🙏

    91. Haris Kamal

      Let's win in 2nd leg💪

    92. Anas Zakaria

      Good game

    93. Anas Zakaria


    94. Elhadji Ousmane Sam

      Let's bring Halland and Rodrigo de Paul 💯✌️

    95. d. car

      If you’re going Gini, win the champions league for us before you do. X.

    96. Pete P

      The champions league were the serious business begins.. The hug from Klopp to Lijnders showed 2 things.. but I don’t want to be negative..

    97. SRV_ Bence


    98. DylanDoesThingsSometimes

      Players warming up at 12 minutes past 8? Pretty sure we were 12 minutes into the game by then!

    99. Angga Hardy92

      Hope Nagelsmann will be Klopp Successors if Klopp leave back to Germany.