Top 10: Liverpool's best Premier League goals at West Ham | Salah, Coutinho & Fowler

Liverpool FC

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    Watch as we count down Liverpool's 10 best goals at Upton Park & the London Stadium, from Mo Salah's stunning break away to screamers by Peter Crouch and Steven Gerrard. Let us know your favourite in the comments below.
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    1. shoota17

      🔥Vamos! Excelente🔥 Before a big match or now when I training at home, I always watch GOL movie on the youtube and then put on playlist Delta Parole, Sumersed, SoaD for warmup and then GO GO GOOOLLL!!!!!

    2. Jk Kepia

      I miss coutihno if only klopp could sign him back

    3. Chris Brown

      You're going to have to do an updated version of this one to include all three goals we scored yesterday. All three were quality! 31/01/21

    4. Erry Febrian Pratama

      Can't believe Goal No. 1 is happening again last night 😳😳😳

      1. J p b Dude / JTV

        Except. Even better

    5. official 1

      I bet one of salah goals today will be in this list

    6. L W

      Salahs goal tonite is going on this list next year

    7. Javian Harriott

      This lists needs to be updated

    8. Gaming Killer 360


    9. Nicola Vivarelli

      Yes ! Fowler and Gerrard goals are absolutly fantastic

    10. benja b

      There is more than best goal of Liverpool list in top 10 .example can goal

    11. Gabe Logan

      I miss Coutinho but loved Torres, Crouch and Fowler as well but Owen and Suárez even bigger favourites.

    12. Emmanuel Alozie

      Liverpool are the best team

    13. Abdullah Dand

      That salah mane counter attack was a classic

    14. Raj R

      Hopefully Thiago can replace what Coutinho used to bring

    15. Aaron T

      come on redmen


      Liverpool fans subscribe show me your HUMANITY

    17. Дмитрий Родионов

      Come on Liverpool YNWA!!!

    18. StickerMan


    19. lantak mu

      Where diogo jota 😢

    20. George Abey

      We will win today

    21. Eziukasss JR

      Coutinho very good in LFC,but with Bayern win UCL and I think take a glory again with Barca of Uefa Champions league😎😀🇧🇷🏆

    22. mitsaras 04

      Re malakes prepei na agorasete ena gamimeno cb


      Wonderful ❤️❤️❤️



    25. Andrew Bennett

      “Stay here and they will end up building a statue in your honour. Go somewhere else, to Barcelona, to Bayern Munich, to Real Madrid, and you will be just another player. Here you can be something more.”

    26. Hazzan yusuf

      Reds is back 👊

    27. YT_ STEAMP

      Liverpool can do it never give up never walk alone

    28. Norou Ndiaye

      Nice na Liverpool

    29. Maame K

      We don’t see goals like these anymore.

    30. scudathon

      That fa cup final Gerrard goal is a peach too bad this is just for prem goals

    31. Nageb. Mohamed

      Subscribe to my channel if we have got the best manager in the world

    32. seyid


    33. MrKaravaj

      I want a video with all liverpool kits we ever had

    34. Zafar Nawaz


    35. Fábio Fussball

      Fernando Torres and Dirk Kuyt: my two favourite Liverpool strikers.

      1. Andrica Ion

        Fernando Torres my favourite football player ever.

    36. Martin Ferreira

      Sven Botman

    37. Siddy Fisher

      That Fowler goal was outstanding and by far away the best one. Hopefully 1 or two more top top goals tomorrow to add to the list.

    38. liver pool

      Another victory will came soon. Let's goooo💪

    39. Abdulrahman Alalawi

      Ten beautiful goals from Liverpool FC.

    40. Tyler Ducharme

      Coutinho vs Southampton?

    41. Mark Law

      Gosh if Suarez and Torres had the team of today. They would have destroyed every record.

    42. Turab Şimşem

      türkiyeden geliyorum güzel forma iyikadro

    43. Mo Salah

      We will beat them again. YNWA

      1. Daksh

        For sure.YNWA

    44. Nathan Burris

      That first goal was peak " roadrunners"

    45. Youman

      Man I miss coutinho so much

    46. Sara Cook

      Cant wait for the game

    47. Umayer Ahmed

      Every goal here is absolutely quality

    48. Kevin Kühnert

      0:38 uiuiui

    49. Divock Origi

      Oh yes

    50. gaz riley

      Greatest team of all time! Liverpool

    51. Sutisna Widjaja

      0-3 tomorrow reds

      1. Daksh

        @Don Rebel it will be Thiago:1

      2. Don Rebel

        hope so would be nice

    52. Millan

      A lot of these goals had Adrian in net 😂

      1. Ryan McCoy

        He is literally only in net for one of them

    53. Natalie Chapman

      Whos better, like for Thiago Comment for gerrard

      1. ICE SHADOW

        Who is asking for likes,dislike for natalie chapman dislike for natalie chapman

    54. Zeenat Ahmed

      The dislikes are United and West Ham supporters

      1. Zeenat Ahmed

        @Craig Lawton Yeah you right

      2. Don Rebel

        im not just dont want COUTINHO back he's too lazy

      3. Craig Lawton

        Don't think west ham supporters are that petty. Some United fans however...

    55. ICE SHADOW

      0:53 the times when Liverpool had coutihno and west ham had payet

    56. ana _L van

      I want to watch the goal in front of you guys . The red. Support you right in the stands

    57. Atharv Madne

      Just score tomorrow please

    58. Srividya vedagarba -

      We must win against West ham

    59. Ansat Saghat

      I miss the days when Salah and Mane could outrun anyone in EPL and used to make assists to each other. Nowadays they don't do that that often

      1. Ansat Saghat

        @Aadeeshvar Singh but they couldn't lose their speed. The last time I remember they made speedy counter attack it's when Mohammed Salah scored second goal against man u

      2. Aadeeshvar Singh

        It’s because teams have figured our front 3 we need Jota no one knows how he plays

    60. IGN Diogo_jota21

      lets do this tomz reds ! 3 points and nothing less COYR

    61. Thongchai Yasi


    62. Lekat Julian Bidawan

      YNWA from Indonesian 🇮🇩🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

    63. Fijoy Official

      ynwa i love u

    64. Brick Studio TV

      There were a lot of outstanding Liverpool players in this clip, but it's a shame they didn't win that many league championships.

    65. Eduart Shala

      I love liverpol

    66. ali ziyech

      Liverpool fans is the best all time up i wanna be a footballer of liverpool

    67. Cheikouna Samb

      Sadio Mane 💖🇸🇳🇸🇳👌❤💔

      1. ICE SHADOW

        Shut up 🇨🇨🇨🇨♥️👌

    68. Tungky Bakti Putra

      Classic Gerrard 🔥

    69. Ewan

      One day, Thiago is going to hit a volley like that Fowler goal.

      1. Hrishaan Shah

        That one day will be legit today mate 💯

      2. Shakil 9

        In sha allah

      3. miracle_ 7

        Nahhh not his job

      4. Glitch

        Tru dat

      5. Ayrton Sports channel

        Hopefully that happens

    70. owevo

      Everton 😂

      1. ICE SHADOW


      2. owevo

        @ICE SHADOW Everton 0-2 Newcastle 😂

      3. ICE SHADOW


    71. Nuwanda Koh

      Happy birthday CURTIS JONES!! Hope you become better and better! After all, you'll never walk alone. YNWA FOREVER

    72. Marcio Roberto


    73. Peskid

      0:38, wish that went in

    74. Shalvin Simon

      Love from India❤️❤️❤️

      1. Daksh


    75. Mohamed Hussein

      All goals are amazing, actually , exept Salah's goal its normal. I am Salah's fan any way.

    76. Ramy Khalifa

      liverpool is the best team in the world

    77. Dharsheth A

      I miss Coutinho He was one of the best at his prime

      1. Arvindjit Singh

        Choosing to go to Barca was probably one of his biggest mistakes. He has such good potential.

      2. Daksh

        Mee tpo

      3. Vishakharajan C

        Me too

      4. Fijoy Official

        i miss to

    78. abhishek.shukla

      Mo salah ❤

    79. Jun Ling Ong

      Coutinho is a great player He performed very well on his journey at Liverpool

      1. Fijoy Official


    80. Jam mane

      17/18 when MSF was best trio Itw unstoppable unplayable

    81. Mutty Tushar

      Pray that united and liverpool re play and liverpool beat him 5 or 6 _ 0 I wish this just

      1. Peskid

        @Daksh let's hope so cause westham been playing really well to

      2. Daksh

        Today we will beat West ham 5-0

      3. Peskid

        That will be epic!!

    82. Score Goals4me

      Less gooo

    83. Eoin Geary

      Pls say we are not signing mustafi

    84. mnasr41

      and we will never walk alone you will never walk alone alone

    85. mnasr41

      aliez aliez aliez aleiz

    86. MANE the Goat

      Firmino 5 seasons with us 5 good seasons had a dip in form after lockdown. N start of this season. Every season he’s had with us he’s had 20+ goal contributions. Like if u agree

      1. ICE SHADOW

        @Ryan Waters salah also got loads of assists too

      2. ICE SHADOW

        @Ryan Waters what's better goals or assists

      3. Ryan Waters

        @ICE SHADOW he wouldn't of done all that without Bobby imo,but it really could go either way ig

      4. Mo Salah

        @Ryan Waters Salah was the best

      5. ICE SHADOW

        @Ryan Waters salah?

    87. Fan Site

      Normally, wouldn't have worried about tomorrow.. But now West Ham have got the Man, the myth, the legend, the GOAT himself.. Lingardinho 🔥 🔥

    88. Little Mix


      1. ICE SHADOW

        Play minamino over salah and big shaq, mane,origi, jota,firmino and play ox over thiago, hendo, milner, jones, fabinhno, wijnaldom?

    89. Football memes

      Shenfield 2-1 Shitchesterunited

    90. Football memes

      Bruno fernandes woke up feeling hungry today 0 goals 🤣 0 assist 😴 Flop of the season 😭 No trophies 😓 1 finished player.🤣. Better than Thiango Alcântara?

      1. ICE SHADOW

        Still no sadly

    91. Yhoswyng FR

      :'c soy rehincha del liverpool , soy latino , aunque mi inglés es básico me encantaria que subtitulen los vídeos al español :') arriba liverpool!!🔥

    92. Jamil Uddin

      That 4-0 win in the 16-17 season was the catalyst for our recent success as it was vital to finish 4th and get UCL football once again... YNWA ❤

      1. Hypocrite VI

        YNWL ❤️❤️

    93. Rabzila TV

      Я тут один русский

      1. Фаррух 7

        Нет 🗿

    94. Nabila Aziz

      Just come to say I miss Phil 😭

      1. Nabila Aziz

        @ICE SHADOW thank you

      2. Subash Shrestha

        @Don Rebel At least he doesn't leave to the prem rival unlike Torres.

      3. ICE SHADOW

        @Nabila Aziz i agree with you DEAR

      4. Nabila Aziz

        @Don Rebel lol are you his ex teammates? How did you know they don’t miss him as friends. Don’t try to be so toxic dear. Why you keep saying we want him back. Read my first comment carefully. I don’t write something like want he back to the team. Or wish he still play for us. I just said I miss him. You must be the type person who crying when he left us 😂 please stop embarrassing yourself dear. Please move on. Support him as a player if you have respect to others. Don’t show to the world how toxic your mind is. Please live with some positivity mind. you seriously embarrassed me as LFC fans. This type of fan is so toxic.

      5. Don Rebel

        @Nabila Aziz no team misses him that why he going around like a merry go round...we dont need or should not want him back ..he lazy and look at what we won without him

    95. Kamal Ismail

      Liverpool needs a center back as soon as possible we can’t play with Henderson and Fabinho.

      1. Ioan wills

        @Mr. NAV 22 apparently now we're after saiss from wolves and diop from West ham

      2. Mr. NAV 22

        @Ioan wills Madrid won't let him go. Ramos and Nacho are injured. He and Varane are the only CB available

      3. Ioan wills

        @Luka Paunovski we know

      4. Luka Paunovski

        Fabinho is also injured

      5. Aadeeshvar Singh

        @Ioan wills he just got a red and we don’t need him I agree we need a centre back but not him


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      1. ICE SHADOW

        I definitely read it all

      2. Don Rebel

        Amen ... and may he bless you too

      3. Football memes


      4. Justin Jose

        Hi ,brother in christ. Let me know if you are a evangelist

    97. ArianSH

      hi guys

      1. M M Insimam


      2. YNWA


      3. Football memes


    98. Matthew du Sart

      The Champions

    99. Oma Mas


      1. Don Rebel

        he too lazy

      2. Uzbeki Mapper

        If he can play centre back then we 100% should.

    100. Oma Mas