Showreel: Mo Salah's two-goal Man of the Match performance at West Ham

Liverpool FC

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    Presented by Quorn, take a closer look at Mo Salah's action for the Reds in their 3-1 victory against West Ham United at the London Stadium.
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    1. mohmmad Altarter

      تلحس بعضك على الموسيقى الفيديو حلو وجميل ولكن الموسيقى زباله

    2. JoKer SphinX

      *Real Kings Never Die*


      Waiting to my channel

    4. Abu Hasan


    5. 05lazarus

      Salah 🔥

    6. الشريف سدير

      محمد صلاح لاعب رائع

    7. Yahia Yz

      Mo Salah example the best way for us

    8. Ed Williams

      What a joke. Li var pool supporters are pure adrenaline junkies on a team that is 7th at best. Got lucky last year plain and simple.

    9. Mohamed Kssar

      يا معلم يا كبير ♥️ 🇪🇬

    10. Andy S

      That second goal 🤤🤤

    11. Ahmed Monir

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    12. Marowan Mohamed

      صلاح عاد للتالق..

    13. Majd Khaldi

      4 season wonder -_-

    14. Green

      Mohamed salah shows a world class in second goal, majestic control with right foot and the pick with left foot

    15. Руслан Абдулове

      М С 🔥🔥🔥🔥🇪🇬👍👍👍

    16. Blbl Blbl


    17. Blbl Blbl

      من دمييي❤️

    18. awesome1ru

      Great game for Salah

    19. Enes Hajdini

      and M.Salah it's good player

    20. Enes Hajdini

      alisson it's good goalkepper

    21. Muhammad Nor

      Good nice

    22. Nasrul Abba

      these music man. so good..

    23. Michelle Howard

      Anthony Marital loves liverpool over 100 comments on this channel 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    24. Tariq Habib

      Full name please

    25. Haitham Nour

      العالمى العالمى ابو مكه الحلو

    26. MoHaMeD 455

      I think Shaq needs more minutes to play, he's! not bad at all ✨

    27. Faizal Tancinoe

      We love moh salah, from indonesia 👍

    28. Khairul Amri

      Our 4 season wonder.. and counting..

    29. Amine Mokrani

      Mahrez is better than salah

    30. محمود ط

      الله يوفقك يا محمد انت وكل لاعبينا العرب والمسلمين في اوربا وكل مكان

    31. al Tiger

      Keep going liverpool

    32. St. James Hawke

      Meh! Liverpool still need to sell him. 4 seasons wonder only....😁

    33. محمد المصرى على الطويل الطويل

      ابو مكه الجميل

    34. محمد المصرى على الطويل الطويل

      محمد صلاح حبيب الملايين

    35. TIN TIN

      What can i say to describe this?? Simply Mohammed Salah is a WORLD-CLASS Player. We love you Mo. SALALALALAAAAAAAH Egyptian King

    36. Zohri A.

      Mo has a magic, best player ever

    37. Miftahul Hidayah

      Allohuma sholi 'ala sayidina muhammad...

    38. Harun İsmayilov


    39. Andrzej Majsterek

      I from Poland and I like Fabiański

    40. Binu Hussain

      Wow.... Class gols...👍👍👏👏👏👏salah

    41. Den Fathurr

      super mo

    42. Rabab Ak


    43. Sinau boso inggris

      Listen to how Hendo in the pitch keeps shouting at the lads 👋 what a leader

    44. Avatar N

      20+ goals for 4 consecutive seasons Not bad for a one season wonder

    45. M Govella

      I can watch the second goal by Salah all day long! And Hendo’s determination to get to the end of the counter attack 🤔

    46. Tamer Alzaky

      MOHAMED Salah is the best 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍🦁🦁🦁🦁🦁🦁🦁🦁🦁

    47. Willy Ata

      Is it only me or you guys noticed Mo isn't celebrating goals like before?

    48. Adel Harb

      The victory was achieved after the midfield was fair and distributing the balls in the right places, and there you find Mo Salah in the right place As for the humiliation of Sadio Mane, we will find that all the balls are shifted to his side and are not used, and they bounce and become a burden on us At 2:51, Salah will find his team leading by two goals and defending Mo loves Liverpool very much, but he is not getting what he deserves I am Egyptian. I love Mo and I love Mane, Bobby and all the players, but in the end they will leave and Liverpool will forever be among the best clubs in the world

    49. Mahmoud Shazly

      He is back

    50. Ahmed LShubaky

      Physics Cannot Explain How Salah Received And Controlled the BALL In The Second Goal

    51. fameclub_

      Mohamed Salahhhhhhhhhhh

    52. Norou Ndiaye

      Nice na salah

    53. mohamed rashad


    54. David Smith

      Amazing 1 & 2 touch football

    55. mrFas m16

      When an league, and their fans cant even say Mohammed and only Mo, im sure he will move to spain or germany soon. Muhammed ali would be Mo Ali in England smh

    56. Dr Mohammed

      ربنا يحفظك ياصلاح

    57. Ahmed Elbana

      محمد صلاح فخر العرب

    58. Sara Cook

      Simply brilliant

    59. Sameer Sameerx

      الاردن بتحبك يت صلاح

    60. Mizo M

      Salah plays a magnificent game and scores plenty of goals every time sadio mane is not on the game!!

    61. Ahmed Mohamed


    62. داشو - DASHO

      اين العرب يا سادة 🤔 فخر العرب 🤩

    63. Ezio New

      As with Man United goal last season. This goal is the best moment this season. Great build up and superb finish by MO, Just GREAT.

    64. B stands For B

      What about wynaldems goal?

    65. Yahia Olama

      You should make an all the angles video for the second goal.

    66. Khaled Almades

      Salah he smashes the numbers quietly ⚽️💥💨

    67. Dragon Warrior

      Should have used Mo Salah song in background...

    68. Cinoow


    69. MOHD alesee


    70. D OB

      Love the video, hate the music. I wanna hear the players.

    71. Aulia Wihel

      2:07 Dug Dug Dug dug Yeeaaahhhh.....

    72. عمار الظاهري

      لله درك ودر أبيك يا مو صلاح أخوك من اليمن

    73. mohamed khalifa

      that is the king when his ship Get lost in the sea for Few time ..>>> he corrects the direction

    74. Anita Rawat

      The first goal he created out of nothing was phenomenal 🤯🤯🤯

    75. Aaron Whittington

      Diane Vs Aaron I was fight now 3 Vs 1 kockevin school

    76. Rogervendetta

      The build up for the second goal was amazing. TAA vision, Shaqs first touch pass & Salahs first touch and calm finish. Amazing goal

    77. Boakye Okyere Christian

      Mo Salah is not smiling alot like he used to even when he scores

    78. Matthew du Sart

      Main team

    79. quazify

      I can just hear Henderson in the back round ''Brilliant Trent!''

    80. aji wibowo

      is Mo not happy? why he never celebrate the goal not even smile

    81. David Clark

      I'm not sure which goal was better, the first in a tight box or the second killing the ball with his tight on the run and sorting himself out in a blink to get his left on it. Simply amazing.

    82. Mudassir Asad

      And also remember that salah was on a 6 game goal drought still he is the top scorer

    83. DemonCleaner smith

      kin el shaq... W H A T A B A L L ! ! !

    84. zenzombie72

      He doesn't look happy when he plays.

    85. David Cripps

      It should really be "Men of the Match" but they couldn't fit 11 names in there. Liverpool is a machine.

    86. Abdulrahman Alalawi

      Great, Mohamed Salah is a strong, skillful and elusive player.

    87. s m

      Long live mohammed salah

    88. amina s

      mo salah Egyptian kings best players I love him

    89. Steve Austin

      Unreal performance

    90. Topher

      LFC: How many times are you gonna use the same transition between clips? Editor: Yes

    91. Aaron T

      lfc legend

    92. Aaron T

      world class

    93. юунсов икрамжан

      Очин кылос🇺🇿👍🤲

    94. LFC Spectre

      Mo Salah is some one season wonder has now scored over 20 goals in his last 4 seasons in a row at Liverpool since arriving in 2017. First time since great Ian Rush in 80s done it.

    95. Tassy

      Salah scores goals : Liverpool fans praise everyone but him. He should go to Real Madrid or Barca. The fans there appreciate their stars and are loyal because they know class when they see it.

    96. TheKaustabh

      Give him creative freedom like Messi/CR/Robben/Neymar enjoy. These Liverpool fans are constantly criticising him and are killing his confidence. He is a genius. Mane is a physical player. Great, but technically no where Salah. Salah please come to Madrid.

    97. عالم الرياضة


    98. Abdo_ MS1011

      One day this man will win the Ballon d'Or.

    99. Haythem Saidi

      Don't blame him, he is a four seasons wonder.

    100. Karim