Klopp's Reaction: 'It's tough, but we have to take it' | Liverpool vs Everton

Liverpool FC

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    Watch as the LFC boss Jürgen Klopp speaks following his side's 2-0 Premier League defeat to the Blues, in the Merseyside derby at Anfield.
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    1. Dani Seeyu

      your time is up jurgen klopp. your tactics are outdated. . Better than now you train Germany. Don't let Liverpool go too far from losing to defeat. You understand

    2. Dani Seeyu

      your time is up jurgen klopp. your tactics are outdated. . Better than now you train Germany. Don't let Liverpool go too far from losing to defeat. You understand

    3. Yousef Yt

      It doesn’t matter whenever Liverpool lose we will still support the team until they could win game and go through whatever is hard

    4. Ронахи Дневной свет

      Klopp got Origi into the game late on. Yes, not in original form, but there were games that crushed everton.

    5. Abenezer Daniel

      Pls don't let klopp leave pls board don't sack him he is a legend no lfc manager can win 4 trophies in 2 years come on convince him I love lfc pls board YNWA

    6. Bhavishya Khant

      OMG man Klopps just acting normal like man they have been losing

    7. Rasul Gurbandurdiyev

      Jurgen klopp 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

    8. Dhany Daniel

      Sack him !! In klopp we lost

    9. CrasherKid79

      We will be back. August .... sunny weather ..... players back from injury ... fans in stadium. This season will be looked back on with a head shake and shrug. YNWA

    10. Arron Haines


    11. Sam Tessier

      1000th comment

    12. Gary John Nuznyi

      The boys have been 100mph for the last 3 yrs and stocked trophy cabinet up with 3 most prestigious trophies in club football they are mentally and physically drained all for our enjoyment....they ran through brick walls for us the SUPPORTERS so now we lose we lose as one ....regroup and go again next season with injured back in starting 11 ....

    13. Masterparcs

      We'll turn it around. Let's beat Sheffield United and get top four. YWNA!

    14. ilijandar

      Haha you gefman flop

    15. david dring

      Fucking change something!

    16. ahmed haraa

      klop must go he has no more tactics

    17. Byron

      I trust klopp. The players need to step up.

    18. perk70

      In klopp we trust.!..Y.N.W.A.

      1. Ben Alexander



      Storms always past

    20. Secular Scott

      Remove Alcantara

    21. Secular Scott

      Next premiere league match prediction: Liverpool will lose with 5:1. Mark my word and then come on that day.

    22. Максим УЗБ

      Клоб сизга коттакон рахмат.

    23. Hem Lý

      Klopp without brains

    24. work for ALLAH

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    25. Android Gameplays

      I'm still loving LFC, the players, the manager even if it's a loss. We will be stronger, next season.

    26. Jacques Tsang

      It is all because of what Pickford did on Virgil.

    27. Denis Ruto

      "Not conceding & scoring" Still Jurgen is the man. We'll try again next time. But i hear Europa league drums beating louder and louder each day, each match.

    28. Adrian Pietrzykowski

      When you walk through a storm Hold your head up high And don't be afraid of the dark At the end of a storm There's a golden sky This is our anthem. This is our personality. We are the Champions and We will come back ! YNWA ! ! !

    29. Dynasty

      We Go Again

    30. Gebreyesus Tenagashaw Bayeh

      We call know that Klopp did history by breaking the 30 years league victory and European companionship an wold clubs champion. But I agreed with some that h his just system Manager. Is 4-3-3 always perfect. To me not with Evert on , City and Man utd type of game Conte type of of 3-5-2 is another solution to try. Arnord shoud transfer to the midfield to assist Mane and Salah. Still he can do it if he change the system to play for fourth position and European championship..

    31. Thunder_Cheek

      It's time to get creative Jurgen. With the remaining players you have, it's just not possible to continue to play your usual tactic.

    32. J

      Liverpool needs to sell some of its prone to injury defenders such as Mantip

    33. Sukri Suhardi

      Win will come soon. Comeback strong reds. YNWA

    34. Szabolcs Szélig

      JFC when this season will be ended?

    35. UK geezer niz

      I believe that if us reds fans are honest about why we're losing matches ie the absence VVD , we know it's reasons and not excuses . The team is sound and so is Jurgen but they need a leader at the back to stop offensive play and allow mid and attack to do their stuff . The team can't be waiting for Virgil to return and should get working hard on it. Who is stepping up? Could still grab back some respect. Reds forever.

    36. BakedandHectic


    37. Magao Linewood

      "We're not getting any luck" We have been the most fortunate and lucky club. Most of our goals are incredibly fortunate. What is this interviewer talking about? Remember the goal against Ajax in the champions league. He hit a shot that was heading for a throw, only for the attempted clearance to put it into the net. Remember the time Moussa Sissoko was bearing down on goal in Anfield and blazed it over the bar for us to score an incredibly lucky goal straight after in 2019? Remember Paul Pogba's miss in Anfield this season or Bergwein's shot that hit the post in Anfield against Spurs? We have been the most lucky team ever. Nonsense.

    38. SAMaxLegendAS

      Screw British media and every trash newspaper, they just love to see LFC fail. 8 1st choice players with long term injuries the team is completely unbalanced as a result. Also the tight, stingy, miserly owners are not investing in the players that are needed to overhaul the squad. They are investing in the ‘club” in things like the stadium development, training ground to increase the re-sale value of the club for a huge profit. Yes they stabilised the club financially but that’s it. They are not the right people if LFC want to win trophies. What LFC won is purely because of a world class manager. He can only do so much with what he has and right now that is very little. Keep going Jurgen YNWA....LFC for life....👍🏽👏🏽

    39. mo kahn

      i wish there was way to ask mr klopp question from LFC fan about his team selection and see what his reply would from his side

    40. JustOneForAll

      Been telling you for several weeks and nobody listens. Carry on playing Hendo in defence and Thiago in midfield and we have no chance. Mid week Champions league was lucky they gifted us 2 goals. Hendo is REQUIRED in midfield PLEASE. This is so hard to take for all LFC fans. Love Liverpool and Klopp and I know you have had a very tough time recently emotionally. Please try something different 🤲🏽👌🏽🙏🏽👍🏽💪🏽

    41. Kaveer Inderman

      Bench Curtis Jones and Gini wijnaldum, only pass square and back how can you create chances if the midfield does that.

    42. fatima Hwa

      Yes, loss and won . This is football. It does not matter if you fall. What is important is that you get up again, and the important thing is that we have fun, and if you are not with them on the loss, do not be with them at the time of winning.

    43. mattjoe1982

      Klopp won't change his attack, they keep trying to pass or dribble through the bottle neck. They make no attempt to spread the defense, getting around them to cross in. It's shameful to see how stubborn he is in this regard.

    44. Muhamad Muhaimin

      Liverpool asyik kalah ja bila nak menang😒😒

    45. Dewangga Aramada

      Do we really needs Tiago?

    46. Woozeer Tasleem

      They scored twice we didn’t score that’s why we lost 😞

    47. Pablo Escobar

      Devvoed 😂😂

    48. David Elliott

      Sack this clown

    49. collin paulinho


    50. Juttie Menang

      We love LFC but the match's result so far was regreted.Where's all the young players gone,Why kept the unenergetic ageing for starter. They're so tired and bored,blank shoots.Even if we got super great CB's then Upfront's are weak and stagnant ,means NOTHINGS.

    51. jibin paul

      This is a tough time for liverpool... Nomatter what happens I will always support Liverpool. You will never walk alone....

    52. Aa Ww


    53. fairy tail

      it doesnt matter if we lose this is just football liverpool will do better next season with fans and with all players ho are back from injuries YNWA

      1. Master Yoda

        You have to take some positives away from these games. We are playing with a depleted team and dominating games. What are we going to do with full strength team back?

    54. Sky Blue

      Minamino score again

    55. TL243

      The feet are doing the job

    56. Phil Keenan

      Win lose or draw WE ARE LIVERPOOL YNWA🔴⚪

    57. Paul

      Can anyone tell me what use is Origi ? when he comes on he always looks like he's been told off for wetting his bed ! I have to say we need some Alex Ferguson style management at the moment ! "I can assure you this wont happen again" Facts!

    58. Steven Williams

      He is clearly mourning his late mother. He is human and like anyone if your mum were to pass away you would take time from work klopp hasn't and this is showing he needs a break. Write this season off and go again next year ynwa.

    59. ali hughes

      If you are gonna get a penalty for nothing you might as well do something. refs are deciding how liverpool play in the penalty area and liverpool players know that. Start the aggression that will create goals.

    60. Mark Seah

      even #4 on the table is a problem now. waiting for next season to start.

    61. Meidi Pessak

      out you

    62. nelayan bimbang

      Stupid..both of manager and player.

    63. ไม่บอก หยบ


    64. Colin Daniels

      In klopp I trust unprecedented injuries not seen by any other teams ever we will come back strong keep the faith YNWA

    65. Mohd Hafiz

      Please stop crossing long ball using wing back, our attacker, too short to convert it. Mostly epl def big n tall. By losing the ball, wing back doesnt have enough time to cover the defense line. Try make through/riskier pass from mid to feed attacker. At least wing back have enough time to stay at the back. Please make rotation for underperform player.

    66. Iso

      I cant blame anybody, they all give their best. We now just see the consequences from the last 2 years. Theres no rotation, they all look exhausted

    67. Astro znyxx


    68. Mamas Asykar

      Klopp OUT

    69. The Moon

      A other loss 💔

    70. Leo Buscaglia

      At least we can't get relegated this season; a top four finish is looking bleak. Klopp should focus on the Champions league now.

    71. one qifays


    72. Majim

      Win together, lose together YNWA

    73. Ryan Turner

      Klopp should have never used our midfielders in defence use our reserve centre back let them play how we gone knw if we don't use our reserves centre yes they young but thats how they learn now we play our Midfielders there and its stil not working at the sametime we our midfield looks a mess aswell play Hendo and fabihno in midfield and start trusting the young ones at the back after all hendo and fabihno will help them sepp wot happen to sepp van De burg he's a centre back let him play but leave the midfield as it is now we sitting with a midfield problem aswell i trust klopp wil make this rite

    74. Farxaanze channel

      Come on guys still we are strong

    75. William C

      Stand firm, stand tall, Liverpool fans. Despair is not what we need now. Klopp and the team is still a top outfit. We are still chasing the Champs League. Things have not gone our way, and some o fur players are flagging, and low on confidence. And the 53000 fans aren't there to give them a lift they are so used to. Not excuses, but we feel it more than most, I think. Whatever happens between now and the end of this season, just keep the faith, back the boys, and don't dwell on the bad results. If Klopp has brought anything to Anfield, it is belief. Don't get saddled with despondency so easily. We need to be stronger than that. The Manager expects that of us.

    76. Farxaanze channel

      Klop must go

    77. Suhel Sheth

      I really do hope we can make the top 4 or if we don't I hope United don't ...

    78. Laxxie

      I just wish Jurgen could try and trust Nat Philips more...I’m sure he will be a good pairing with Kabak....they are both defenders ffs!!!!

    79. Rosvik

      Salah have to stop diving

    80. Adam Hamouda


    81. Suswanto Wanto

      Liverpool..yg suka bikin kejutan dibalik semua kekalahan😇

    82. Ben Smith

      Klopp out

    83. Ben Smith

      Really knows his stuff... he's figured out that you should score goals and try not to concede goals ... fucking idiot

    84. Mohamed Hussein

      Klopp.u are one season wonder. Thats enough

    85. Sonnarin Thongseemuang

      YNWA 🔴

    86. RyuukiSetsu

      Klopp Out!!

    87. Andy

      Each game as it comes. Winning mentality only💪

    88. Agvel Fakhri

      Henderson was injured too, hmm it's so complicated, lookin forward to klop's strategy on next match🔥 YNWA❤️

    89. Khumbu Jobe

      Jah you tried madala to take Liverpool to take on man united challenge bt it wasn't enough

    90. Arjoon Nikhil

      I love you liverpool win and loss .I love

    91. Ken O

      Self inflicted by not spending any money. You must spend to win. This team is old, jaded and lacks leadership. Klopp needs to stop the excuses and drop some of these weak players. 50% of this team are not good enough for Anfield now. The excuses will keep coming and 100% sure Klopp will take the Germany job in the summer with Liverpool sitting at 8th or 9th. Very sad but true. Remember Utd 7 or 8 years ago after Ferguson left???? This Liverpool side haven't been performing at a top level since Jan 2020. It's been a year now of mediocre, mid table football.

    92. Benitha Oaes

      I tears to see my team been broken match after match 😩 But Liverpool is my blood . My dad is 67 , am 46 . This is my team going down and am here to support cause THIS TOO SHALL PASSED!! YNWA !!

    93. Ola SV

      I’m so tired of this «it’s ok» mentality. Every team we face, knows what to expect from Liverpool, and therefore know how to setup to beat them every time. This system is to predictable, and the code is cracked. Something has to change with their system...

    94. Prakash Kumar

      Last season VAR helped and also diving correctly . This time also salah tried

    95. Lance Julius

      Are we really not going to qualify for CL next season? 😢😢😢. Its hard to suck it up and move on, we do it anyway. Onto Sheffield then...

    96. Paul Davis

      Excellent result, well done Everton 👏👏

    97. Nad K

      Isn't everyone sick about this subject? Can't we all accept this is happening because of our missing key players? Because games aren't the same without fans? It's just a bump in the road, come August now we will back to normal. For now let's focus on CL and 4th position and give Klopp our full support 🙏

    98. Moinul Hossain

      Juergen Klopp you are a genius...you Win epl title & UEFA Champions League.

    99. Riceball Creations

      nicely handled

    100. Dragon Warrior

      Time to give rest to mane, firmino and TAA... Ignore media criticism, give them rest...