Jürgen Klopp's pre-match press conference | Everton

Liverpool FC

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    Watch live as the boss speaks to the media ahead of Liverpool's Premier League tie with the Blues, in the Merseyside derby at Anfield.
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    1. Jesper koang John


    2. Callum Bush

      Klopp out

    3. jassim alserkal

      Liverpool 0 - Everton 2. Take that Mr I know best !!! You know nothing

    4. George Muga

      I hope Thiago will be faster today, ball possession is no worth if the front 3 can't score goals !?!..... hope defense line will not be confused & open up!?! Liverpool fc players are below their standard !!!???

    5. Endras Lucky

      send a scout to Eintracht Frankfurt and sampdoria take note of Daichi Kamada and Maya Yoshida very good tactics for you mr klopp

    6. Warren Schembri

      I think we are going to win tonight

    7. UMI

      9:33 for OZAN KABAK part

    8. MIND the GAP

      LIVERPOOL 6 Everton 1 🔥

    9. Hammaad Dabhelia

      I hope we win against Everton today

    10. Benjamin Parker

      Love his mug “the normal one” 😂😂

    11. adriel wo

      Due to amount of injury, 🙏 Hopefully Ben Woodburn🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 get the chances to be in the main team till the end of this season.

    12. Flap Jack

      3 kali kalah pale hotak dia , aku bayar ticket kot

    13. Mo Azril

      We need a morale win today🔥🔥🔥 2-0 to us

    14. Conor S

      I hope he says to the boys before the game, we have unfinished business with this lot, they derailed our season and took two of our brothers out for months. Let’s show them who we are

    15. Philip Copp

      Jurgen Klopp himself still really delivers in the most definite & accurate answers to what he addresses in an official pre-match press conference altogether


      There is something going wrong. Why is this happening and how is that possible that things can move.


        The product objects that I see in front of me turn inward. I can't stay alone someone has to see that too.

    17. Giovani Pugliese

      Well said Jurgen lad: Long may it continue. YNAW

    18. Craig hugs Hugs

      My money on robo getting booked in the first 5 mins sharpen them studs up boys pay back time put Naby on will take a 5 game ban not like he been playing

    19. Vishal Bhat

      I hope Liverpool thrash Everton, it would be the perfect birthday gift.... YNWA

      1. Vishal Bhat

        @pr8mesh Yeah that aged well :(

      2. pr8mesh


    20. adriel wo

      Thiago and Naby were 🌟great Bundesliga competitors with both had🔥great statistics and now they're one team. 🙏Hopefully they will play together on the midfield to make a new 🌟great chemistry.👍

    21. Jojo Harper

      Keita has a body made of soggy Weetbix.


      Tommorrow; officials sacked confirmed TOO?????????????. GARBAGE AMERICA oligarchs TOO. Or whatever.


      ZZZZZ, champion of England who? Or whatever. .


      ZZZZZ boring losts, fixed or ROBBED ROBBED again.. boring corrupt football Marches on.

    25. Fartun Malele

      YNWA 🔥🔥⚽️ C'mon



    27. Mahia Akter

      No matter what happens, we are with you boss. You and our team will never walk alone. The first liverpool game I saw was against everton in December 2017. That was when i saw the first post match reaction of jurgen klopp. I knew nothing about football then. But I immediately became a Liverpool and klopp fan. So this fixture is very special for me. I wish we thrash them at anfield as we did last season. ALWAYS A RED.

    28. Se7en

      Liverpool suffers too much injury this season.. especially old and even new players..

    29. wallyman1948


    30. J.C. ANYIAM

      PLEASE PLEASE Mr Klopp- START NAT PHILLIPS for THIS Derby!!! Everton is sure to play Lots of LONG BALLS and WE NEED DEFENDERS WHO CAN HEAD Balls and READ plays Very Well.

    31. TrentSZN

      Sub On Clarkson On the 90th minute and Make him Go Vroom Vroom on Calvert Lewin

      1. TrentSZN

        @Eoin Mulhern agreed

      2. Eoin Mulhern

        And Pickford🤣

    32. Abdulrahman Alalawi

      Creativity from the coach of Liverpool FC.


      I think Liverpool win 5-2

    34. work for ALLAH

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    35. S R

      Wow, the last few questions are dumb af

    36. Shahbaj Pathan


    37. Matthew du Sart

      Get revenge champions

    38. Jeremy Adedeji

      win i am begging you boys

    39. stevie Murphy

      I think 3-1 liverpool coyr❤⚽️

    40. Denzyl Isaac

      Is vigil van dijk playing tomorrow

      1. Denzyl Isaac

        @Mo Salah are u the real salah

      2. Mo Salah

        No mate

    41. Yule D lunya

      We are the fans of liverpool you jurgen kloop we need a winnning in order to be in agood position in a league

    42. Declan O'Donoghue

      Liverpool FC is the best

      1. Mo Salah


    43. Ger Murtagh

      Jürgen smiling again Nice to see ,👍

    44. china is not my friend

      Get rid of keita. Paying that bollox to be injured. His body is a fucking joke.

    45. Kacper Józefowicz

      Mané & Jota & Salach 👍⚽🥅 Liverpool 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

      1. Dx Complaint

        Jota isn’t playing

      2. Irene Benjamin

        Salah not Salach

    46. Luthfi arvaghani

      2:1 for the reds

    47. Charity Simon-Peraboh

      JK is always intelligent with answers

      1. Kazuto Kirigaya


    48. monis sardar

      Sub clarkson on at 90th minute so that he can deliver a f5 to pickford and an spear to richarlison then get banned for the season

    49. Chloe Fischer

      Lets go Reds! Merseyside Derby's are never easy but now its time to show the blues that The Reds don't come to play and we'll fight with everything we've got. 💪❤️

    50. Woosh

      7:25 hi jurgen.............hi 😂

    51. Abdul Thadha

      Hey Juergen it is actually my birthday tomorrow there is one thing that I want to ask you can you please win the match tomorrow I wish I could Come to the match but dew to the their system I cannot watch the match -from your fan in Leicester Daniyal Thadha

      1. Eoin Mulhern

        Happy birthday lad

      2. Vishal Bhat

        Happy Birthday mate

      3. Halima F

        Happy birthday!

      4. Abdul Thadha

        @Mo Salah thank u

      5. Mo Salah

        Happy birthday mate.

    52. mona abdelrohman

      ارجو ان يكون فى ترجمه بالغه العربيه لنتفم الحوار ربنا يوفقكم ويوفق محمد صلاح ابن بلدى مصر 🍀🍀

      1. احمد خميس خميس

        الترجمة موجودة

    53. Aaron T

      we must get revenge for october

    54. mona abdelrohman

      ربنا يوفقكم جميعا ويوفق محمد صلاح ابن بلدى مصر

    55. Madalena Ribeiro

      Liverpool 2 x 1 red Bull light

    56. Jack Hogan

      Up liverpool

    57. Madalena Ribeiro

      Liverpool 5 cincommm

    58. Mr Pasta

      Ketia could change the game tomorrow?

      1. Jojo Harper

        Keita is a bit of a joke actually, can't be fit for more than a week at a time. Terrible signing unfortunately. Get rid, so we can use his wages on a player that can actually contribute on the field.

    59. Jane O'keeffe

      YNWA ❤️

    60. Amgad Shebl

      Hendo and Ali need to trust Ozan more, at the Leicester game (for instance) it felt like we are playing with 10 players only on the pitch, and then comes a moment were he is really needed, he makes a mistake, that we cant really blame him while his intensity thru the whole game wasn't really there.

      1. xArkseyx

        Alisson was the one at fault.

      2. Muthuthampy Maheswaran

        it the communication ,ozan had only got a few days of knowing Ali mostly if the communication is there with Ali and ozan that will be perfect however kendo and ozan do have good partnership and ozan will learn from him

    61. Wan Rynth


    62. Cabdicasiis Maxamuud Cumar

      Out klopp

      1. HyunSu Cho

        @Robert Howard agree

      2. Vishal Bhat

        Stfu plastic

      3. Robert Howard

        Cabdicaslis You are a fucking helmet, proper Liverpool fans love Klopp.

      4. stevie Murphy

        Not a chance

      5. Mo Salah

        No mate

    63. Blerton Zejnullahu

      Pleasse Shaqiri💪💪

    64. Blerton Zejnullahu

      Shaqiri Pleasse

    65. VR S

      Game against the BUTCHERS!!!!

    66. Balal Rehman

      Was a great performances in the Champions League on Tuesday now need a great performances and win in the Merseyside tomorrow need to stay in the top four come on you reds LFC ynwa

    67. Rudranil Das

      I came into the comments to know is Alisson and kelherr available or not??👀😭🙂 Somebody Plzzz tell

      1. Irene Benjamin

        They are both fir

      2. Mo Salah

        Ali is fit

      3. Rudranil Das

        @Salman khuda 😇

      4. Salman khuda

        they are both fit nothing to worry about

    68. terrence dhliwayo

      3-1 # YNWA

    69. Nnikman Mahadi

      They're wounded tigers after beaten by city . do not underestimate them . I still see us with a chance to win the league but we need a good run of league performances . go reds

    70. Гулистан Отель

      we will eat Everton In SHA ALLAH

      1. Mo Salah


      2. Sabil


      3. mamoon ali

        @Ghost Shoot3rBo0 ameen

      4. Ghost Shoot3rBo0


    71. جابر الجلالي

      Liverpool need Van Dijk as soon as possible. or goodbye Liverpool

      1. Irene Benjamin

        Yes o

    72. Jones Mapani

      Good performances bad results. Will definitely come back

    73. Shailin Marie

      We can do this

    74. TheEponymous82uk

      The Murdoch shrill from Talksport trying to goad Jurgen into saying something controversial about the injury to Van Dijk at Goodison. Odious radio station. Of course, JK handled it with dignity and class.

      1. WTHWasThat

        Talksport is the definition of a media stain. Nothing but nonsense.

    75. Amista Fall

      SALAH & MANE,🔥🔥GOAL✅💞

    76. Muhammad Arkan Adimar Anshar

      3-1 for the Reds # YNWA

      1. Mo Salah

        In ali, I trust

      2. Kery Irawan 2

        Clean sheets

    77. The Boyo

      Hi bobby firmino

    78. Dean Rush

      Listening to klopp talk about Naby keita Is injured or ill The guy is made out of Weetabix We have definitely got to sell him

      1. ThePradec

        Asap, asap. Zero value of all time-seek player

    79. KingJimO8

      4:16 for anyone that doesn't want to wait around. 👍 Edit: Liverpool must have edited the video. The start of the video must have been removed

      1. TJ

        @KingJimO8 oh haha 👍

      2. God_ YNWA

        They always edit after the 'live' interview

      3. KingJimO8

        @TJ first 4 minutes used to be a red screen 😂

      4. TJ

        Wait around for what? You've skipped half the press conference

    80. Gregory Rhuma

      Subscribe to my Chanel please

      1. Nombulelo Mxhakaza

        Ur have no vids

    81. Ruruzegreat

      The derby starts the night before my birthday! The second half starts on my birthday! Come on you Reds, deliver me (& all other Liverpool fans) the perfect (birthday) present! YNWA

      1. Santiago Gallardo

        @Ruruzegreat COYB!!!!!!!!!!! Liverpool 0 Everton 2

      2. Mark Thuo

        You got a 2-0 loss as your birthday present. Happy birthday boi.

      3. Vishal Bhat

        @Ruruzegreat same to you mate, YNWA

      4. Ruruzegreat

        @Vishal Bhat same - 21st of Feb! Happy birthday in advance mate!

      5. Vishal Bhat

        @Ruruzegreat My birthday is on Sunday... Let's hope the game is an early birthday present...

    82. Kyle Raghvani

      I'm thinking, 90th min sub on a youth player, injury pickford boom

      1. Lower Lobster

        Pickford game of his life lmao deserved

      2. Ola Williams

        There was nothing I would have loved more...

      3. Darren Evans

        😂 brill

      4. Liverpool !

        But just wait until he is off side 🤣🤣🤣

      5. Vs Vishal

        Don't wish for injury, karma will pay us back in due time

    83. Cory Fulton

      Come on you reds lets get the 3 points tomorrow for the Merseyside Derby we got the best manager in this world we are the best team in this world YNWA

    84. p0rt 1337

      9:52 - great mug! 😃

      1. p0rt 1337

        @Mo Salah the cup (which is more than Neverton will win!)

      2. p0rt 1337

        @Rabbit TKO the cup

      3. Mo Salah


      4. Rabbit TKO


    85. vMxrcs -

      When is it

      1. vMxrcs -

        @Chloe Fischer thanks man

      2. Chloe Fischer

        The game? It's tomorrow at 17:30 if you live in England if you're international just search it up

    86. LFC Spectre

      The Lord Origi Derby, I'm expecting him to score this weekend & get man of the match.

    87. Mo Salah

      Kabak and Fabinho

    88. Mo Salah

      To be honest Ozu has been excellent even though he is just 20

    89. Amin Rais

      Salam dari liverpool indonessia jurgen YNWA 💥💥

    90. Dimas Pratama putra

      Liverpool win 3-0

      1. Vishal Bhat


      2. Sir PieMachine


      3. Dimas Pratama putra

        @AvN amin hahaha

      4. AvN

        @Dimas Pratama putra 😂😂😂 69-0

      5. Dimas Pratama putra

        @AvN 10-0😂

    91. fadillah zaini

      Keep fight until the end.... Never give up.....

      1. Nora Warjri


      2. Andrew Gray


    92. hitnail halfway

      I loved the part where Jurgen implied that it was lucky for everton that we didn't play everton inside the few weeks of pickford and richaleson horrendous tackles on VVD and thiago. I am pretty sure Jurgen tried to play it down but the players have vengeance in their minds. EXPECT FIREWORKS TOMORROW!!! COYRM YNWA

      1. hitnail halfway


    93. p0rt 1337

      4-2 to the reds!

      1. Mo Salah


      2. Hamsa Khalil


      3. ThePradec

        Better 4-0

    94. tawananyasha bizah

      Jones is very underrated

      1. TheRo33a

        I like him, he’s clearly talented but sometimes he does overplay...just needs to keep his head down and keep improving because he can be very very good if he works hard

      2. Labhrás Long

        The fans can see he is a good and up and coming player....who is developing as a Liverpool player....go LFC.....

      3. Ibrahim Shehzad

        @Mohd Isa don’t lie

      4. Ibrahim Shehzad

        @Mohd Isa glory hunter

      5. Mohd Isa

        @Ibrahim Shehzad 3-2 brunooooooo

    95. Mohamud mohamud

      I think we’ll beat Everton 3-1 also Curtis Jones will be a big factor for the the reds if they will win.(post match reaction, I don’t know what to say we lost against a really good Everton side and now I don’t know what the future holds for Liverpool all I know is if we lose to Sheffield United Klopp is getting sacked

      1. Zaki's Pes Mobile

        Lol we lost

      2. ThePradec

        No. 3-0

      3. Shailin Marie

        Can't be too sure

      4. vMxrcs -

        When is the match?

      5. ZaidX7

        I think it will be 1-1

    96. Erdenechimeg Anuerdene


      1. Valeri Dimitrov

        Looked up your channel.. where are you from?

    97. Tülay Demirbağ


    98. ZaidX7

      4:16 Thank me later Edit: They have edited it now

      1. Alfie Avinou

        What happened

      2. ZaidX7

        @MrKrisstain yessir

      3. Charlie Davies


      4. MrKrisstain

        The hero we needed

      5. ZaidX7

        @Rohan Dhesi No problem 😊