Highlights: Liverpool 0-2 Everton | Reds beaten at Anfield

Liverpool FC

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    Watch key highlights from Anfield, where Liverpool went down 2-0 in the Premier League, to Merseyside neighbours Everton, thanks to an early goal from Richarlison, and a second half penalty.
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    1. Luke Grady

      lol 💙💙

    2. Latifa R

      Unluckely unluckely unluckely i want to say that manchester are the best and i am enjoying that with a lot of happiness always the victims

    3. Dan Jackson

      liverpool have now lost 4 in a row at home. have they ever lost 5 home games in a row? if they lose at home to chelsea, will they set a new all-time record for home defeats in a row?

    4. Slade Sampson


    5. m1ltos._


    6. Red Kop

      Good old Liverpool...back to the old ways...so refreshing🤔 Must be all that virtue signalling kneeling they are doing.🤔

    7. kwong wing lai


    8. nik min

      look. With a bit of luck, your shitty club may reach top 4

    9. yfgny gdjjtshwjetdgjd

      Anjay, back to masa2 2011-2016

    10. SSR

      the main concern now is talthough team plays excellent ,others knew how to handle us..

    11. Eren Temiz Y7

      Come on you toffees. Damm since 1999 it feels like we haven’t one ever in our lives

    12. Ронахи Дневной свет

      Firmino is probably having its worst season in liverpool.

    13. Ронахи Дневной свет

      In the third game of Ozan Kabak, has 3 yellow cards.

    14. Ронахи Дневной свет

      In the first goal, Ozan Kabak broke the offside. After Nathaniel Phillips entered the game, the opponent was not given much chance. and even there were times when Ozan kabak covered up his mistakes.

    15. abdulahi huuriye

      yourll are such a cheater

    16. omar

      I want to forget it asap

    17. Alexander Puchalski

      Liverpool: “You’ll never walk alone” Pickford: “You’ll never walk again”

      1. Alto Burger

        @Gen Tle No need to be cruel man. I'm an Everton fan and enjoy watching Liverpool, their players and fans suffering in a football sense, but I'd never wish the misery of losing a family member on any one. Losing a mother or father can be one of the most horrible experiences in the world... regardless of who you are. Just because they're football rivals, it isn't an excuse to lose our empathy. It's what keeps us human.

      2. Gen Tle

        Allison's father: "GARGLE GARGLE ..."

    18. Candy Canes & MuDvAyNe

      Who knew having 0 centrebacks in your selection would affect your team's ability to win??? ... Roy Keane says "bad champions" What insight, what a genius 👌

    19. Avallac'h

      I just heard about Alisson's father, just passing by to wish him all the best at this hard moment, stay strong, YNWA ♥

    20. Routine Victory

      Rip Allison’s dad

      1. Abdullah Naveed

        Liverpool’s been really unlucky😞😭

    21. taufiq norman

      Liverpool inside cave

    22. ahmed fekry

      To feel and enjoy the red days you have to taste the bad days

    23. Kweku Duodu

      Sorry Alison about your dad

    24. Arron Haines


    25. سعد سعد الحجرف

      ‏محمد صلاح فخر العرب🇪🇬❤️❤️🇰🇼

    26. akram baziz

      Keep going reds we will turn things around 💪 love you Klopp YNWA ❤❤

    27. Rafas Does Stuff

      That penalty was not a penalty in amillion years. He bloody ran into him!

    28. AJ 789


    29. عالم كرة القدم

      I am a professional football player. I would like to join a European club so that I can complete my sports and soccer tracks. I am not seeking the money. I'm just looking to be professional. I hope you will help me😭😢😢😭💌


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    31. Firminator Santos

      Fact: liverpool haven‘t played a game with the full squad in this season ( alisson Robertson vvd gomez taa fabinho hendo gini mané firmino salah)

    32. Connor Rik

      😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 come on

    33. D z

      Difficult times, don't be disheartened, keep patience, stay motivated, keep fighting. Every club faces challenges, Liverpools time will come soon. I believe they will be in the top four in the end of the season. Theres always next time to be the champions again, fully prepared. Lacking players for klopps and liverpools style of play. Have patience people.

    34. Rosvik

      Salah need to stop diving

    35. ömür alpay beyat

      I am Turkish. Why did you get a bad football player like Ozan?

    36. Archon PVP

      Kasi Menang Kasian sama Kakak wkwkwk..



    38. Mo Khaled YT

      Salah's individual performance is banging!

    39. Miraç Karakas

      Anfield hatırası 😂

    40. Hamzah Alam

      Liverpool will win the champions league inshallah

      1. Ben Alexander

        Nooo loserpool

    41. Leslie Chong

      Since VAR recommended, my passion in football become lessen and lessen. Now's a day, players so easily fall inside the box because they know will earn them a penalty, now players become cheater

      1. Ben Alexander

        You love var livar pool

    42. Hamzz`

      Liverpool ngontol

    43. Ангелина Дмитриева


    44. mullaway

      Need to get Henderson back in midfield and Phillips in center back

    45. Perwira Arya 01

      come on rise my Liverpool

    46. Snowball Saw Bway

      I don't want to watch match without Van Dijk anymore, fuk***

    47. Snowball Saw Bway

      That penalty is the whole joke of football.

    48. NO NAME

      Love Liverpool from Egypt 🇪🇬

      1. Ben Alexander

        Divers from egypt

    49. Ella moran

      Liverpool havent uploaded a youtube video for 2 days I'm concerned

    50. 420-Friendly

      Now a couple of days later i am able to comment... This hurts and i am really worried, imo there is personal problems within the team players and or staff

    51. Jbone unbelive

      Can't believe your risking your job klopp for one player, Kurtis Jones, drop him n your job will be safe

    52. Jbone unbelive

      Kurtis Jones is the worst midfielder Liverpool have got, he hold on to the ball too long he can't do fast one touch football that Liverpool are use to, so front 3 ain't scoring cos he can give them the service they need, give ya head a shake klopp and realise that's why we can't win a game with him in the squad, and as for origi omg he's not worth moaning about he got to be worst Liverpool player ever

      1. Ytron6

        Speak english first then talk

    53. 1 7


    54. us real


      1. Hallo Leute

        You are crazy

    55. jitender vilecha

      Please let Henderson handle the midfield role that he has got

    56. Robbie Garscadden

      Thats the most bullshit penalty Ive ever seen..... how can the ref give that. No excuses about the loss, well played Everton but that penalty decision was bullshit

    57. Ngakan Made Satrya Wiguna_004

      Lose again😐

    58. Qurrota Technology

      What happen to this Team... It is like having salah only in the front... Firmino Mane are simply away...

    59. Qurrota Technology

      Sick of klopp

    60. Nabil Sapari

      people arguing that it wasn't a penalty and that DCL tripped over TAA needs to understand that TAA tried to reach for the ball by sliding but ultimately didn't reach it. If TAA touched the ball while attempting that slide that it would have never been a penalty (This would mean he has priority over the action which precedes the "foul") but in this case, TAA blocked the pathway of DCL who was trying to get to the ball in the shortest possible distance. If TAA didn't slide, DCL would have definitely gotten the ball since DCL was the faster player. If TAA really wanted to impede DCL from getting to the ball he should have body checked or shoulder challenge DCL to make it a 50/50 challenge/decision for the referee to make. By sliding and staying on the floor, it made it clear to the ref that TAA had no control or touch of the ball and just impeded DCL illegally by being on the ground without playing the ball at all.

    61. Chin Yen Tay

      Mark Clattenburg: ‘’"Kavanagh spent mere seconds at his monitor. It wasn't to check whether it was a penalty - he and VAR Andre Marriner accepted it was - but whether Alexander-Arnold should be red-carded.’’

    62. NYGiants

      Last Year the defending Champions did bad and this year its our turn

    63. George YNWA

      Chris Morgan out

      1. Ben Alexander


    64. Pyro

      Only stayed Champions League :/

    65. Marjus_24

      Against Everton man that's jokes how how ☹

    66. nader saleh

      jurgan kloop you must go to baryen and the maneger of baryen go to liverpool

    67. The Batman

      What did I just watch

    68. José Ma' H. Muñoz

      I like this Derby for John Lennon and Paul Mccartney.💙♥️

    69. Patrick pritchard

      Italian style football by Everton and fouling in their own half to disturb the flow good tactics

    70. corn the great

      Make Salah Captain. I love Jorden but Salah have to be it for some time

    71. Lalduh Kima

      It's over for Liverpool one season wonders time to go back to your cave and came back after 30 years 😂

      1. Ytron6

        👍 i hope the dust is not gathered up again

    72. خالد خالد

      Mo ....you won't know it's value until you lose it........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    73. Stuff in the House

      It would be a very strange world we are living right now IF Liverpool win this Season Premier League 😎⚽⚽YNWA

    74. Максим УЗБ

      Ливерпул биз сен билан доимо, кунгилни чуктирманглар, ғалаба сари олға.

    75. Frans G


    76. Weazla

      Nobody talking about what a joke the ref is?

    77. Hem Lý

      Liverpool Play without brains

    78. Hem Lý

      Liverpool Play bad

    79. Elton

      Thiago is slow 😬

    80. Andrew De Villiers

      It's time to clean out some of these players Time for a rebuild RESET

    81. M

      I'm in sick🤒🤒

    82. Yanuar 12

      Keep Strong Liverpool Iam From Indonesia

    83. Yarn Fn

      the first goal was silly

      1. Abdallah Alabed

        Ah wallah

    84. Young Yolii

      Yall suck. Coming from a mancity fan 😂

      1. Abdallah Alabed

        6 ucl

    85. Ahmed Allam

      i think bruno freekick made you lose all of your matches 😂😂😂 GGMU

    86. Lemon

      1:09 for those who want to investigate the penalty

    87. Piscean Diver

      Wake up VAR!! Richarlison ran into the box before Sigurdsson shot and scored!

    88. ash unknown

      Premier league us becoming boring I am boycotting this year .. Let premier league and VAR play them self and lose monies .

    89. Γιώργος Φάκας

      Klopp just said "God is a Manchester City supporter" 😂😂😂. What kind of excuse is this?

      1. Γιώργος Φάκας

        @Gnabrynho If you search up we are in the 11th place with most fans around the world no cap. Search the teams with most fans. Obviously there are far better english clubs just saying

      2. Gnabrynho

        if humans aren't, why would he.

    90. Cristo Luindula

      We cannot keep buying players who are a few years away from hitting their peak. We need players who will come into the team and challenge. Right now of the starting 11 are struggling in a game, I don’t see anyone who is on the bench coming on and actually making a difference be a most of them are happy to be on the bench as they were brought in to be squad players and not challenging for the first 11.

    91. David Torres

      Once a loser, always a loser.

    92. Sudheesh S

      Need to check tactics....

    93. Devis Imoh

      Too predictable, no real attacking prowess; need a CB, reliable attacking midfielder(someone who can shoot outside the box, & take free kicks) , a quality striker and a right winger(Mane is too comfortable in that position)

    94. Selim Uzman

      I hope... I hope I can sing You'll Never Walk Alone on the field with fans... I hope I can play for this team. I am a big fan. I hope...

    95. ivan Channel

      We need Vandijk

    96. gad abdat


    97. arragon123

      I cant believe how fragilethey are😡, 1 run henderson made and he gets injured for months!!!! Unbelievable, we need to start asking the fitnesscoach some questions!!

    98. Lindokuhle Ngcamu

      Pundits after beating Leipzig : Liverpool are back on form Everton : What form?

    99. Arch Samson

      Why ??

    100. Ramce Bajramovski

      Once a red always a red we can do this ❤️✊👊