Jürgen Klopp's pre-match press conference | Brighton

Liverpool FC

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    Watch live as the boss speaks to the media ahead of Liverpool's Premier League tie with Brighton & Hove Albion at Anfield.
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    1. Elcin Quliyev

      Rafa Benites team forever. 80 millions alisson 💅90 millions wirgil💅 jota💅 klop's liverpool women team

    2. FarizzulFarouk

      1-0 LOL

    3. Maxwell Masauko Mbwinja

      Klopp for life

    4. Toni Sudrajat

      Keep on counting bruno's penalty klopp 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    5. ちとし

      10:58 About minamino.

    6. Pierre Boman

      Singing the blues


      Klopp out

    8. LTH VLOGS

      Origi played irresponsibly but was more trusted than C. Jone and Minamino, Can anyone give me the reason?

    9. Yani Wahyu

      0-1 ?

    10. Tony Smith

      How pathetic is Klopp and his arrogance is so bad He needs to step down and move away. We beat good teams and bottom teams beat us hands down No respect for Klopp as a manager anymore He has broken our hearts. Why did he not go with the same formation that was used for Hammers Player selection is so poor from Klopp Stand up and take the poor performance and move away Klopp

    11. Sopo Aku

      Origi & cambo 🤣🤣🤣

    12. Assem Selim Mohamed Hassan Selim

      At the end Liverpool 0-1 Brighton 🤣😂

    13. Pray OX Channel

      Loose a gain.. what happen Klopp??

    14. Zaga Emre

      Liverpool fc so low😓, leipzig will inflict u a memorable defeat cos i dont see how ur présent football(lack of inspiration) is gonna over the young germans

    15. Andrey ER


    16. Gecko Guy

      Can we stop just playing like it's Sunday league until we actually concede a goal and then actually play football it's so frustrating where has are belief to score a goal gone this is what seperates us an city and seperates us by a long way no trophie this year but we need top 4

    17. 2Evan

      Hopefully Minamino will be part of the future. Fun lad to watch. But loanees and Academy players will always struggle to become part of such a powerful team - let alone be in the IX. They will mostly replace world class footballers ... with world class footballers. So good for TAA and most probably Jones. Brewster? We’ll see.

    18. Idrees Belghasem

      I mean liverpool are a good team even without Juergen cause they understand eachother very well

    19. Lu Petuna

      positvie about ben davis he is going to fit well in liverpool squad

    20. Manan Sethi

      Virgil needed a van so he decided pickford

    21. Duaris Masalok

      Go go go Liverpool..🔥🔥🔥

    22. dirga bachtiar

      Assalamualaikum, Liverpool win, 3-0

    23. Joe Bloggs

    24. YOUNG SLY

      Will mané be back

    25. Hùng Nè

      can anyone tell me that can Mane and Fab return for the game vs MC at the weekend ? Pls tks

    26. Pragyananda Maharjan

      The man with the GREATEST VISION❤❤❤

    27. Justin Chihurani

      Any news on Jota???

    28. last scion

      We always play our best football when the fixtures pile up, that whole dip in form started when we only had 1 game a week or more than 7days rest.. The team play great when they get game after game. Hope the new signings do well for us. Looking forward to watching the game later

    29. Dale Stanley

      it's utterly fascinating to hear Jurgen speak. He'll be irreplaceable

    30. Lalduh Kima

      Manchester United only win with penalties 😂😂 now bark Klopp

    31. Victor asuquo Victor

      The best in the world we love you

    32. Fact Sake

      Klopp got great smile, but I’ve got greater smile. Fact

    33. Muhammad Afreno saputra


    34. Rodney D

      I don't think enough credit has been given to Klopp n LFC this season, for most of this season so far we have been playing with a depleted team n squad..most of the players have had or got some injury n when all the centre backs are out injured, at times the mid field, n when they are fit they have to fill in at the back..I know other teams have also had injuries but not at this level n it all started with that clown pickford, well.for me it did..sirty player n always has been n he's England num 1..still, despite playing with a made up centre backs n mid we are putting in a really good season despite what these so called football experts say, they are more interested in whose next to get the sack n acted shocked when the guy they've been talking about for wks if not months get the sack..whose gonna win the premier n what's gone wrong at LFC including that talksport..Glad Klopp was kinda off with him..

    35. bola official

      Liverpool won👍👍

    36. Ronny Nielsen

      Klopp: We are slightly better than Preston. Me: 🙄🙄🙄

    37. Imelda McIntyre

      Taki come back stronger! We'll miss you. Remember seeing him playing for Salzburg he was Brilliant 🥰🥰🥰..

    38. mert moloooco

      Kabak and Van Dijk the new wall of Lfc 🇹🇷🇳🇱😱

    39. Dave Walsh

      I’m taking it that the only reason Klopp has picked Origi lately has been because of his height when defending set pieces, it can’t be because of his attacking threat - he’s had none!

    40. LondonGhostar

      That mug 🤣🤣🤣

    41. Kento

      Minamino 11:00

    42. PES STSL

      11 ozan kabak vs 11 virgil van dijk pes2021 in my channel

    43. Hassan Matovu Luswata

      wow thanks boo

    44. Syed Hussain

      Klopp gna turn ben into a champions lge winner

    45. Syed Hussain

      R u okay? Klopp 'nt as bad as I look' 😂

    46. Fabi Marx

      Ozan Kabak will explode under Klopp. Listen to my words. This young guy has massiv potential and talent. Gomez has no chance as a CB against him in near future. He wasn't happy at Schalke, he needs a Motivator, a better Club and Players. Greetings from Germany

    47. mothusi letsatsi

      Minamino didn't diserve to be loaned.

      1. aim amri

        @mothusi letsatsi klopp already explained in this video lol. it’s the best for him 👌🏻

      2. mothusi letsatsi

        @aim amri what situation are you talking about? The guy is doing well??

      3. aim amri

        u clearly don’t understand the situation 👌🏻

    48. Ben Munro

      Was anyone else laughing their heads off at Klopps mug of himself?

    49. Abdulrahman Alalawi

      Mashallah, Liverpool coach Jurgen Klopp is excellent.I thank you.

    50. Matthew du Sart

      Yes sir

    51. Ahmed Shousha

      7:20 is he saying that there is a possibility that matip won't be injury prone in the future?

    52. adriel wo

      Afraid of Lallana would spoiled it.😅

    53. adriel wo

      This season's Brighton is very dangerous. Most of the players are such a playmaker.

    54. adriel wo

      🙏Please be careful of Brighton, because they made all Spurs' players super tired with their good possession and fast pressing. 👏Come on Liverpool, ✊Let's win it👍 🔥YNWA🔥

    55. Iver Godø Wiik

      Allison, Salah, Mane, Firmino is best!!!!!!!!!

    56. Iver Godø Wiik


    57. AuGAlaN

      takis gone

      1. Gerald Jensen

        He is loaned to another club so he can play, keep fit, stay confident. He will come back to Liverpool

    58. Selim Aydin Sezgin

      Ok centre half problem solved, fabinho back for city. News on mane?

    59. Sara Cook

      Can't wait for the game

    60. Baka Onii-chan

      Jota wee need you (╯︵╰,)

    61. Baka Onii-chan

      Good luck Minamino 👌

    62. Baka Onii-chan

      Wee HAPPY lets try to win all the games Gg

    63. LFC Spectre

      Classic Klopp drinks in The Normal One cup of tea.

      1. Robert Nolli

        Klopp drink beer enjoy it Jürgen 🙄

    64. Samuari Sword

      What is the news with Jota? Is he out for the rest of the season?

    65. Jacob Harmer

      Love his mug hahaha

    66. Rifhan Sattar

      Sad bye minamino bro

    67. Rifhan Sattar

      I am in tears because of minamino loan

      1. Gerald Jensen

        No worries, loan is good Taki will play more and return stronger, more confident

    68. Rifhan Sattar

      Will minamino come back

    69. Ронахи Дневной свет

      It's worth questioning the ethics of continuing the season amid the coronavirus outbreak. this is immoral. The England suffered the highest loss of life since the Second World War. But I think the only team that is not affected by this epidemic is Manchester City. They won 9 Matches in 1 month. 👿

    70. I am abdi

      Still waiting Number 10 like coutinho

    71. Silas Javier Omagor

      The two signings (Ozan Kabak and Ben Davies) remind us of Robertson, Joe Gomes, Salah and the likes. From a mid-table or lower league to Liverpool and then Klopp models you into world class status.

      1. K. K.

        @Uncle Sandvich if you are LFC fan, don’t cry when Salah leaves. If you are not a fan, then you are just a success hater and I don’t want to waste my time with you proving facts.

      2. Uncle Sandvich

        @K. K. He was a benchwarmer at Chelsea, And you know, Roma is not a top team in Serie A, before coming to Liverpool, Virgil was struggling with his team too.

      3. K. K.

        Salah played for Rome and Chelsea before LFC.


      Champion of England Marches on. Or SACKED confirmed. & AMERICA oligarchs TOO. Can't wait.

    73. Varitthorn Prapassarangkul

      Give him some rest after his hard work for our new CB 😋 Thank you Jurgen.


      Thanks SALAH, MANE ETC & FIRMINO again.. heroes Marches on...


      Back to Normal Marches on? Or SACKED confirmed baby's. & AMERICA oligarchs TOO.


      Champion of England Marches on. Or SACKED CONFIRMED!

    77. George Antonov

      The last two standing play center half he said, made me imagine a hilarious scenario. Imagine training is over and Klopp yells last two to the showers play Center halfs .. lol

    78. العلم والإيمان

      Mo Salah is the Egyptian king 👑👑

    79. Mullaa1017

      By next season we will have a whole squad with cb experience !!! YNWA CB fc

    80. K Dot

      Im sorry.. Jurgen is easily one of the greatest premier league managers ever.

      1. Daksh

        At present best manager in the world,Well still I don't wanna compare him and Flick

    81. navin vasu

      Diogo jota injury update???

    82. Tyrese bezuidenhout

      Can you please let us see the defenders first day

      1. rhys burns

        @Tyrese bezuidenhout oh yeah they will probably do that if they can unless covid stops them from being able to do so

      2. Tyrese bezuidenhout

        @rhys burns bro im mean the part where the cam follow them the whole time

      3. rhys burns

        Don't think kaback can play tomorrow I'm not sure

    83. Simba Mandi

      So none of these guys asked if Sadio is in contention for tomorrow?????

    84. Pete Sampras

      Fabiniho, Nat Phillips, Ben Davies and Ozan Kabak now have to be great for us. In Klopp we trust, hopefully VVD will be back by May time

    85. Sherton Micecho


    86. Aaron T

      happy jurgen is happy me

    87. Daniel Massey

      Any update on Jotas injury?

    88. Cheryl Mulvey

      Amen. King Klopp. Yes we do believe in miracles. C'mon Virgil Van Dyke. God bless and protect you. Jesus name. Be healed. Be well. Play excellent football. So much love 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌

    89. chege james

      no one asking about the Mane situation..... :(

      1. Eimer Lynch

        and jota..

    90. Magnus Olesen

      Mane still injured?

    91. Eoin Geary

      Hope Nat Phillips isn’t just dropped

      1. rhys burns

        Most likely Davis and Philips

    92. Siti Nurjanah

      Jurgen Klop, you'r good man, and good bos👍😍🔥🔥🔥🔥🔴🔴🔴🔴❤❤❤

    93. PASHA

      I hope they win with 2+goal's , i bet on them today :)) .

      1. Eimer Lynch

        They aren’t playing today. Tomorrow

    94. Omar Amr

      Really hope Taki plays great at Southampton

    95. PB Smoothie

      "Our 4 CBs are injured and Fabinho is actually a 6 haha." *cries in Nat Phillips*

    96. Shamima Ali

      Hello my brother crys so much ahahaha I love you liverpool

    97. MOBA Loon

      Who's the last journalist that asked about Taki?

    98. JackTur26

      Will salah start? Will Phillips start? When is jota back

      1. liverpool for life

        Ofc salah will start ,phillips too jota will be back for the city game hopefully

      2. Karam Grewal

        wondering same thing

    99. 420-Friendly

      Jurgen its OK to admit the owners didnt open up the wallet.. i amstocked to se the new boys play though,, Get in there YNWA

    100. _

      Did he say Mane will play?